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The All New 2014 Volvo S60


The Volvo S60 model has been around for a while but the all new 2014 model looks enticing due to a large number of design changes.

From the exterior the changes are quite easy to spot. These include a wider grill and new panels from the front pillars forward. The bonnet has been redesigned, as have the front wings and accompanying fascia. New headlights have been designed and incorporated on the updated model to include daytime LED running lights that are horizontally mounted. Active Bending Lights (ABL) with Dual Xenon Technology come as standard. Also at the front there are new lower and wider intakes.

At the rear, new exhaust pipes can be seen. These are dual integrated sport tailpipes with a silk metal finished design. The wheel base remains at 2,776 mm (109.3 in) and overall body length of the S60 is 4,628 mm (182.2 in). The car has a height of 1,484 mm (58.4 in) and a width of 1,865 mm (73.4 in) at its widest point.

Inside a new instrument cluster featuring a TFT display is evident. The new S60 features an Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) for a pristine clean air environment.

A lightweight T5 2.0 liter four-cylinder Drive-E turbocharged petrol engine provides as much power as a heavier six cylinder affair. Rated at 180kW/350 Nm, the unit is fuel efficient and has extremely low CO2 emission ratings. An eight speed geartronic automatic transmission provides a smooth ride and in conjunction with the engine boosts economy even further. An intelligent ECO function can be selected to optimise the engine and transmission reducing fuel consumption by an extra five per cent. New paddle shifters have been incorporated on some variants. Other engines available include a four-cylinder drive-E supercharger/turbocharged petrol engine (T6) and a four-cylinder direct injection turbo petrolengine (T4).

Volvo have always been safety conscious and so the new S60 incorporates a host of safety features, both from the point of view of protective and preventative safety as well as driver safety aids.

Among the aids are park assist sensors at the rear and a lane departure warning system (LDW), which works by creating a vibration in the steering wheel when the car veers out of its lane boundaries. A camera keeps track of the lane markings and alerts the driver if there are any changes to the norm.

Also included is a road sign information system (RSI) which projects street sign information onto a heads up display and a Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection system with full auto brake as well as a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). The latter works not only with cameras embedded into rear view mirrors as per the previous versions, but also with new radar sensors installed at the rear and side of the car that cover a larger area than the cameras can. Radar also works in all weather conditions and is an invaluable extra to the BLIS system. Cameras are still used with ultra wide angle lenses and the system alerts you if a lane change is not feasible by way of warning lights intuitively built into both of the front door posts. Using this combination of radar and cameras, the system can detect all types of vehicles in ablind spot area during both day and night including motorcycles and small vehicles.The radar system is also used in another feature called Cross Traffic Alert, which alerts a driver about
traffic coming into the sides of a vehicle, when for example reversing out of a parking space. This is an invaluable aid when the view to the rear and sides may be limited by other vehicles.

Driver Alert Control (DAC) is another feature designed to alert a driver that is distracted. Given that distractions and over-tiredness cause the bulk of all traffic accidents this system could prove invaluable. A camera is mounted to look ahead at the road and this is compared with steering inputs to see if there is any deviation from the drivers normal style of driving. If there are erratic movements, or lack of steering movement when there should be some, an audible warning will sound to suggest a break from driving be taken as soon as possible.

Anti-locking brakes with emergency brake assistance and an emergency break light comes with all models as well as corner traction control (CTC), dynamic stability and traction control with advanced stability.

For protective safety the S60 offers a reinforced passenger compartment, an energy-absorbing frontal structure and safety belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters. Also on offer is a side impact protection system (SIPS), dual-stage airbags for both the driver and front passenger, a collapsible steering column, side airbags and a whiplash protection system.

With driver and car security in mind, the S60 comes equipped with a remote-controlled central locking system, a remote controlled panic alarm, an Immobiliser, theft-protected locks, approach and home safe lighting and laminated side door windows.

There are plenty of color schemes to choose form for the external finish including crystal white pearl metallic, ice white, bright silver metallic, seashell metallic, power blue metallic and several others. Vibrant colors such as passion red, flamenco red metallic, rebel blue, Caspian blue metallic and Savile grey metallic are also available. Ten wheel variants include the Bor 8x19" Diamond Cut/Iron Stone Matt, Titania 8x18" Diamond Cut/Black or the Pandora 7x17" Silver versions.

Overall this is a solid car with plenty of upgraded features, worthy of the Volvo name.