If you are visiting the resort of Pattaya in Thailand for the first time, you will probably be looking for some exciting things to do whilst you are here on your holiday. Well you won't be disappointed!


Pattaya is a great place for the whole family to visit and whilst the nightlife may be slightly extravagant for most, during the day there are numerous activities to choose from. Most of these activities take place near the beach. There are all kinds of watersports for you to participate in including jet skiing, sea fishing, banana boats, island trips and parasailing.


But one of the most popular activities that families and couples like to try is scuba diving. This particular water activity can open a persons eyes to the wonderful life that ventures underneath our waters. Swimming around colourful fish and sea turtles, and witnessing the vibrant plant life that lives on the corals and seabed can literally take your breath away!


There are also a number of boat wrecks around the various islands that are located off of Pattaya. Most scuba diving companies around the bay offer wreck diving that allows you to venture down to these sunken boats and ships and discover the history of them through your own eyes.


When it comes to scuba diving, Pattaya is the best place in Thailand for you and your family to give it a try!