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Doing The East Side in Style

Bravo Thai Setting the Standard


I don’t want to upset any of my condo and high rise developer friends, but sometimes I get tired of extolling the virtues of this building or that. I mean really, how many times can I show someone the swimming pool and fitness centre?


When I get a call from a client who wants a house or villa, I get excited. The variety of single-family dwellings here in Pattaya is endless. This is where learning how to ask the right questions is crucial to my job. If I get the wrong idea about what people are looking for in a house, we can waste a lot of time and petrol driving around looking at unacceptable properties.


But, there are a few developments I always put on my list of “must see houses”, no matter what. Terry Collins and his company Bravo Thai never fail to impress my clients. In fact, most people have no idea that houses of this quality, style and affordability are available in a place like East Pattaya, aka “The Dark Side”.


Bravo Thai’s three existing projects are The Vineyards Phase I, II and III and their latest offering - Amaya Hill; all in East Pattaya near Lake Mabprachan. Terry’s designs are modern, flexible and timeless. The execution is precise and completed with the highest quality materials.


The genius of these developments is in the planning. Instead of creating homes and shoving them down the consumer’s throat, the folks at Bravo targeted specific markets and set out to satisfy them.


The Vineyards Phase III is a small development with only 21 units. It is an intimate project with big plots. The houses are spacious open plan affairs with plenty of garden and swimming pool.


Minimalist styling allows owners to bend the décor to their will. In-house amenities like a coffee shop, fitness centre, taxi/minibus service, pool cleaning, house-sitting and maid services tell the tale of exactly who these houses are targeting. Priced at 13 to 20 million baht, limited to a small close-knit community and chock full of convenient amenities, it is quite obvious this place is aimed at retirees. If you want one, you’ll have to move quickly as only four plots remain available.


All phases of The Vineyards have been recognised repeatedly at the Thailand Property Awards 2011 and 2012 and Pacific Property Awards 2012 and 2013.


Amaya Hill targets a different group. With 85 units planned, it is a much larger project with smaller plots. Built on an elevated knoll near Lake Mabprachan, Amaya Hill enjoys great location, access to the motorway and views of Pattaya in the distance. The houses mirror the design of The Vineyards, with its clean, minimalist lines and practical layout.


Amaya Hill is geared more toward families. Floor-plans range from 128 sqm to 240 sqm. Lots can be combined and floor-plans rearranged. Prices run from 7 to 15 million baht. Terry Collins, Managing Director of Bravo Thai, described the homes at Amaya Hill as “affordable luxury”, and I must agree. Sales at Amaya Hill have been brisk and it appears the boys at Bravo Thai have hit their mark again.


Terry was interviewed by REM’s resident reporter Bart Walters just as Amaya Hill was kicking off and he joked about his competitors scrambling to copy the Bravo Thai model. As it turns out, that’s just what has happened and examples of copycat developments are emerging all over the Pattaya market.


In a more recent article from Dave Buckley, Terry indicated that Bravo Thai would change gears and offer yet another concept. He wouldn’t elaborate on the topic other than to say, “It’s going to be big; big in terms of numbers of plots, big in terms of land size, big in every sense.” I for one cannot wait to see what their new offering will be.


With the new motorway link complete and East Pattaya earmarked for a high-speed rail link, the Dark Side may not stay dark for much longer. Land has been cleared for what is rumoured to be condos and a serious shopping centre.


My guess is that Bravo Thai will take aim at a higher-end market, targeting families willing to commute a little ways to get more house for their money. Make no mistake; “more house for the money” has always been Bravo Thai’s underlying mantra.


If you’re looking for a developer with a good track record, Bravo Thai is a good bet as they have been cleaning up at the Thailand Property Awards since 2011. This year, Bravo Thai are nominated for 15 out of 24 awards available. The Vineyards is nominated in nine categories and Amaya Hill for five. Additionally, Bravo Thai is nominated for “Best Boutique Developer”.



Written by Jan Nuijten

Managing Director, Pattaya Prestige Properties Co., Ltd.




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