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The Best Beachside Property Locations in Pattaya

by Kevin Cain

Everybody dreams of retiring to some exotic destination and living by the sea, with the sound of the ocean gently caressing and the breeze wafting through the open windows to send you into a deep, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. For some people who have grasped the opportunity this is a reality, others less adventurous, still just dream about such a lifestyle, moan about their current predicament and constantly whinge about the weather where they live.Pattaya has some stunning beach-side properties and locations, that could easily ensure you capture this dream and live the rest of your life as an extra from a tropical film set.

Thailand’s climate temperature does not deviate too much all year round with an average of around 35 degrees Centigrade. The main climatic change is the monsoon season in September and October where the rain does get quite excessive. Pattaya however,being situated on the Gulf of Thailand, does benefit from coastal breezes and in some respect has it's own micro-climate being sheltered by the nearby mountains behind the city. Therefore, climate wise, Pattaya is a perfect location to hunt out and find that alluring retirement or holiday pad.

So just where are the best locations in Pattaya to enjoy the best of beachside living? Firstly you must decide upon your preference of dwelling, do you desire a luxurious, spacious villa or perhaps an ultra modern condominium with all the amenities ? This really does matter, as certain areas tend to favour one or the other. The big condo developers seem to focus in the same areas, whereas individual houses or villas opt for smaller locations rather slightly more remote.

One of the best beach areas in the whole of Pattaya is Naklua and Wongamat. This area is to the north of the city and it is a well known fact that Wongamat beach is possibly the finest beach in Pattaya only bested by some of the nearby islands. Therefore it is no coincidence that many of the best five-star hotels and more up market developers have chosen to locate here.Tourism has not quite taken over the whole area yet and in the north you can still find small local fishing enclaves and communities, providing daily catches for the many local seafood and fish restaurants that adorn the area. Wongamat beach is picturesque, with stunning panoramic views of the iconic Sanctuary of Truth dominating the horizon. The sand is clean but coarse and extremely well maintained, ideal for the whole family. Small fishing boats still utilize the beach which just adds to the overall charm.

A little more central in the Pratumnak area is Cosy beach, nestled alongside Pratumnak beach. The Pratumnak Hill area is quite splendid with many apartments and condos to choose from depending on your purse and preference. Pratumnak because of the elevation of its location being situated on a headland, enjoys lovely, fresh, cooling sea breezes. There are many small sois that make up the Pratumnak area with a mixture of cafes, diverse restaurants and shops.

However, if you are looking for a quieter beach-front home, then you should try looking at Na Jomtien where there is a choice of resort type condos and individual villas along the 2.9 kilometer stretch of beach.Although you will not find find the same pristine sand and turquoise blue water as that of Koh Samet or Koh Larn you will find lazy beach bars and small family run restaurants, small shops and stalls.

The whole area is fairly quiet and not very congested and there are plenty of isolated, tree lined areas ideal for picnics and such. You can find the Glass House further along Na Jomtien beach, which is one of the landmark restaurants in the whole of Pattaya where you can actually dine on the sand.

The main two beach areas of Pattaya are Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach. Although you can find property in downtown Pattaya it is mostly in the form of resort hotels and to be honest would be akin to living in the center of a city.Jomtien however is rather quieter and has plenty of choice regarding dwellings, along its 3 kilometer beachfront are condo developments and villages with individual villas and houses. Also there are many restaurants in and around Jomtien servicing a big expat community residing in the area. The beach is vast and fairly clean, but similar to Pattaya Beach the water is not very clean for bathing.

Without doubt living by the sea is something I have always sought to do, whether back home in the UK or wherever I have found myself in the world. I can't really seem to prise myself away from its magnetic attraction, and when I first moved to Thailand I was fortunate enough to find myself living in a beach hut on Koh Samui.

For those of you that are dithering whether to make the step or just considering moving accommodation, I would certainly advise beach-side living as the thing to do.Here in Pattaya you can enjoy the best of both worlds, as downtown Pattaya City is never really far away and it has every amenity and attraction you could possibly want. But for most of the time you can be content simply donning a pair of shorts, slipping on a pair of flip flops and going for a long beach walk, paddling in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand.