Community Health Care Insurance Accepting New Members

On Wednesday morning at Pattaya City Hall, Deputy Mayor Wuttisak Rerm-git-ja-garn chaired a meeting to inform the representatives of the Community Health Care Assurance Committee, and members, about the dates for signing up new registrations. These sign up days are usually in early June and early December.  The members receive health care insurance covering medical needs, childbirth, etc.

The health care members were also requested to supply the basic information on each household to the authority, for their database, to help improve the delivery of the medical requirements. The current number of families in the data base is 3,914 families. But there is a total of 20,865 families, which is a very low number for the 113,744 houses in Pattaya. City Hall wishes to increase the number of families in their data base, and in the coming year,  is aiming to register at least 50% of the total families in Pattaya.

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