Discovering Aurora Motorsport and
the Ford Racing Trucks.

Khun Watta at only 18 years of age is already proving a name to watch for the future. He has switched from previously racing Eco Cars to now handling the 2 tons of fun Ford Racing Trucks. Currently, they have a top speed of 209, Aurora Motorsport’s team is aiming to bring this up to 280 by the end of the year.

We were delighted to join Aurora Motorsport for their practice at Bira Circuit International Pattaya in preparation for the upcoming BangSaen Grand Prix.

Ford and all the sponsors supporting Vince and his team are hopeful that after the enforced Covid hiatus Aurora can now succeed and go on to win the 4 round championship, The first round is at BangSaen with a further 3 rounds at Buriram. Certainly, it is great to see them racing again and we wish Aurora and Ford the very best of luck!

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