During this time when so many are having to work from home we thought we’d put together 10 hacks to help organize your workspace. Also to help keep your work and social life feel a bit separate, even if they have to take place in the same space.

Work from a consistent place

Sort out a place for yourself that is relatively private. If you have a desk to work from, try placing it near a window to get as much natural daylight as possible.

Find some peace and quiet

Ideally find a place away from kids or traffic noises. If that’s just not possible, consider wearing headphones, especially noise-canceling ones.

Have a good chair

Its not a good idea to work from your bed or sofa all day. Instead try to find a chair with an upright back and a supportive cushion.

Take a break.

Every half an hour try to stand up and give your eyes a rest from the screen. If you have to make a phone call its a good idea to have a walk around while you’re talking.

Dress for work

As tempting as it might be to stay in your pyjamas getting properly dressed – even if its just the top half with lounging bottoms will help you feel more confident, especially if you have video meetings.

Set your own boundaries.

Simply tidying up your desk and shutting down your computer at the end of your working day, will tell your brain that it has officially ended.

Tell others of you boundaries

When working from home it’s a good idea to let your partners, family know your hours, when you can be interrupted and when you absolutely cannot. This will help them support you.

Structure your week.

When working from home it can be easy to lose focus. Stay on schedule with your own project lists. Use a calendar and personal reminders to stay on track.

Don’t let your mobile phone distract you

Your mobile phone and especially social media can eat away the hours. Ideally set it aside and make sure to disable buzzing or ringing notifications.

Don’t overdo Zoom

New research suggests that trying to read your coworkers’ body language and presenting yourself in the best possible light can lead to “Zoom fatigue”. Try not to schedule too many meetings together and turn off your camera when you need a break – you can always blame the internet!

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