The Pattaya Trader name change and why


Welcome to the 2nd edition of our new-look magazine Discover Pattaya. As we explained last month The Pattaya Trader from its inception some 20 years ago has gone through many changes. Once a “trading bible” for anyone who wanted to buy or sell a car, bike, furniture, etc. the earliest magazines were covered in advertisements and many pages devoted to the second-hand trade of readers’ goods.

Move forward to a better quality magazine with laminated covers, improved paper quality, and much of the clutter removed. Then in 2020 our newest evolution a 100% Colour, Glossy Lifestyle magazine which is still free of charge.

The 3 Pattaya Trader Facebook pages Pattaya Trader Group. Pattaya Trader Page and Pattaya Trader Expat Ladies Page are all still available to serve the community and the Group especially is great for buying and selling goods.

Discover Pattaya however is now going to be devoted to showing our readers both local and international what Pattaya has to offer. We are grateful for all your support during this new chapter and do hope you enjoy Discover Pattaya which we will continue to distribute all around Pattaya.

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