Co-vid-19 Crisis We can help your Business Survive.



Whether your restaurant is open now or switching to take away business? We can help you get your message out and change it as and when you need to change it. Pattaya Trader has been your window to the local community for 20 years. Today we still have around 15,000 followers over our 3 Pattaya Trader Facebook pages and tens of thousands more readers of our online magazine.These are primarily local residents and the expat community who will be the people you need to help your business over the next few months.
We are already preparing articles and advice on how to survive working at home and crisis lock-down. Your takeaway business may well be another great solution.
If you need us to design a Take away menu for you we can do a – Full page size only 5,000 baht Or a box advert to get our followers to come to you or contact you directly for only 3,000 baht
The first month will include free scheduled postings of a minimum of 2 per week and a banner for the month on our Website. Thereafter (this cost will be only 2,000 baht per month).
,..10 • This is focused marketing at its best. *IV Contact us right now by phone 0837 683696 email: [email protected] Or line: gloriajonespattaya

in uncertain times we can help you change as they change

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