Charity Under the Roof club November 2019 update



As you know for many months The Pattaya Trader has followed with great interest the progress of the Under the Roof club and the school they helped to build with money raised from fundraising events in Pattaya. If you want to look at these articles please go to the
Back Issues page.

This month we thought we’d check in with them again because as we mentioned the rainy season can be quite treacherous in this region and in fact it has proved to be so because work at the school has stalled due to the bad weather. Prior to this they were in the process of finishing the children’s toilets and the water drinking station but unfortunately there was a setback when a storm blew a neighbouring tree onto the school’s roof which broke the satellite dish and some roof tiles.

Repairs have been carried out and the solar panels have, for now, been removed as a precautionary measure to protect them from damage at this time of year.

Funds now need to be raised for a nursery teacher’s salary you can find out more about this by going to the under the roof club facebook page or website



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