Diana Mountanos – Pattaya’s Yoga guru with a difference!

Diana Mountanos – Pattaya’s Yoga guru with a difference!

                                                                                 by Kim Waddoup

Diana Mountanos is the type of person that once you have met her, you will never forget. Tough, strong and incredibly fit, Diana has made Yoga and Health the centre of her life, both through teaching yoga to classes and individuals in addition to training future yoga teachers.

Born and raised in California, Diana found herself working in healthcare and specialising in health and fitness. In 1997 she discovered Bikram Hot Yoga and her love affair with Yoga started, becoming a qualified yoga teacher in 2008, she concentrated on the total restorative benefits that practising yoga can bring. She came to Pattaya on her honeymoon in 1988 and Thailand must have had a big influence as she subsequently moved to Pattaya in 2012. News of Diana’s talent and unique style soon spread around the Pattaya area and Diana was invited to teach in a leading fitness studio and build her own business, Pure Yoga Pattaya. Diana has continued her discipline of combining physical therapy, yoga poses, diet and fitness psychology to a wide range of pupils of all ages.

In addition to being a certified Yoga teacher, Diana also studied massage and is a qualified massage instructor. The importance of massage and Yoga is the understanding of the muscular anatomy of the body and how certain exercise can interact positively on the muscles and tendons, both strengthening and exercising parts of the body to reduce discomfort and pain.

Diana is a tough lady with strong opinions backed by immense knowledge and experience. On a one-to-one basis she constructs a programme to suit your age and physical requirements with sympathy to existing ailments. Don’t expect calm relaxing asanas, this is hands on, intensive stretching posture sessions that will show you how you can train your body to be more flexible, and supple.

As a student I can speak personally on her methods and tenacity. Many of us are approaching Silver and Golden years and Diana’s entire concept is to make the body more flexible and fit to combat the challenges ahead. I have found myself lying on the floor in positions that I would have never imagined possible! Morning aches and pains can be easily relieved with some exercises to get the muscles warmed up, making each and every day a better one.

As her website states “As a Power Flow Yoga Teacher anchored in the Baptiste Method of Yoga, Diana’s inspiration, her dedication and devotion, are to work with students to bring everything back to the student. This is her true passion”

I asked Diana some short questions regarding her work here in Pattaya:-

You appear to have attracted a rather ‘mature’ audience of yoga pupils. Is there a reason for this or does it reflect on the demographics of Pattaya?
Pattaya is a destination for retirees from all around the world. We also have many ‘snow birds’ who come her to escape the winters in their own homes.

As one advances into senior age, how important is yoga? Yoga supersedes anything involving body movement as it is primarily stretching. We set up the posture, go into the posture, hold the posture and then release. It’s so good for the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and organs….stretching.

I have been told that it is never too late to start yoga, is this true? Very true! The only bad thing about starting yoga later in life is that you get angry at yourself when you realise that you should have been doing yoga all your life!

What is your philosophy on how yoga can prepare and assist us Silver-Agers as we approach the dreaded but inevitable old-age?
Yoga is stretching and holding – the objective of pulling is stretching – our body becomes restored, realigned, rejuvenated and the muscles replenished from the stretching. It’s a daily practice that will deliver everything a person needs to be at an optimum level.

If you are unfit, stiff and suffer with aches and pains, try yoga, you will be amazed how quickly your body and flexibility will improve. Diana’s parting words –
We work hard together to keep you out of the hospital and enjoying life!

Diana Mountanos, one of the great personalities that contribute to our quality of life in Pattaya! www.PureYogaPattaya.com

About the Author: Kim Waddoup is recently retired from a stressful career that spanned the UK, Austria and two decades in Russia. Now retired and living in Jomtien he writes a Blog specifically targeting Silver-Agers covering Travel, Health, Golf and naturally food!


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