10 Cleaning Hacks using bicarbonate of soda

10. Cleaning Hacks around the house using bicarbonate of soda.

Bicarbonate of soda is a really effective yet gentle abrasive cleaner and a great natural deodoriser. Just Make sure not to confuse it with baking powder as It’s bicarbonate of soda that is really helpful for cleaning all around the house. Such as with these top 10 hacks:

1. Clean your stained or smelly plastic food containers

To freshen your containers, wipe with a clean sponge sprinkled with bicarbonate of soda or you can really work on tough stains by soaking in a solution of 4tbsp of bicarbonate to a litre of warm water.

2. Use it as an all round cleaner for your kitchen

Nearly every dirty spot in your kitchen can benefit from the bicarbonate mixed with warm water solution. You can use it to clean countertops, stainless-steel sinks, microwaves, cooking utensils and really stubborn greasy dishes and pans that need more power than just your regular washing-up liquid.

3. Combat smells in your fridge

A small pot of bicarbonate left in the fridge will absorb strong food odours so they don’t linger.

4. Rinse stale-smelling sponges

Soak these kitchen staples in bicarbonate of soda and water to freshen them up so you can use them for a little longer.

5. Use on musty upholstery and carpets

Deodorise upholstery and carpets around the house by sprinkling them with bicarbonate, leave for 5 minutes and then hoover up.

6. Clear a clogged drain

Clear a stubborn drain by pouring down 125g of bicarbonate of soda followed by 125ml vinegar. Cover with a wet cloth then wait 5 minutes and flush with hot water.

7.Clean away mildew in the bathroom

Scrub your bath,tiles, sink and shower curtain with a damp sponge and bicarbonate of soda then rinse.

8. Use for Whiter, brighter laundry

Add 200 grammes of bicarbonate to your washing machine load or combine the soda with liquid detergent to help your clothes come out cleaner.

9. Deodorise your Rubbish bin

Place some bicarbonate in the bottom of your bin to fight unpleasant smells.

10. Clean patio furniture

Whiten plastic garden chairs and furniture by wiping them down with bicarbonate soda and water..

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