All about Thailand snakes Chapter 1

All about Thailand snakes Chapter 1


 Preface: The purpose of this article is to identify snakes from Thailand that all foreigners need to know. It would be more beneficial to have the knowledge on snake biology, ecology, taxonomy, venom, character, and other necessary information that helps people for safety in the presence of venomous snakes with ability to identify snakes. The main objective is to reduce the conflict between humans and snakes in order to prevent loss of lives to both sides. Additionally, this article purpose is to change the bad human attitude toward snake as many snakes are hit to death no matter it is venomous or not. It is not so easy to change such attitude that is in subconscious from generation to generation. This article is also to educate people all the truth and nature of snakes. As a result, people will learn how to deal with snakes for safety reason.

The next chapter will present each kind of snake that we should learn. Now the first chapter is to talk about the snakes that are common in general Thailand.

Thai Cobra: The popular venomous snake that can possibly be seen at all areas such as nearby jungle or rice field or crack cement wall with holes around the house. It is dangerous if it gets into the house and hides at the anywhere or even inside shoes. It can bite somebody who unintentionally steps on it. The best way to do is calling the rescue unit to catch it.

Green Snake: Nonvenomous Snake that can be found at anywhere around the house with many trees around. It is not harmful to people.

Green Pit Viper : Mild Venomous Snake that can be found at the same environment as Green Snake. No harmful to people as well, except in case of allergic to its venom.

Python: Nonvenomous giant snake that can be found in the nearby jungle around the house. It always swallows pets and poultry. Just Call the recue unit to take it away.

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