Hacks for Older People

Sometimes as people get older, due to problems such as reduced mobility, memory issues, or health problems, everyday activities can become more challenging. Whether that applies to you or someone you care for these life hacks for older people might just help.

Get Rid of Trip Hazards

Get rid of your rugs as these can be a real trip risk for older people. Or instead, you can secure them to the floor with double-sided carpet tape. Also, it’s a good idea to securely tape down any extension cords and trailing wires, or you can use cable ties to keep them all together. This will reduce both trip risks and potential electrical hazards as well as looking neater than having wires and cables trailing across the floor.

Rubber Gloves and Bands

Struggling to open jars – try wearing a pair of rubber gloves it will make life much easier by adding increased grip. Alternatively, place a rubber band around the lid to improve your grip.

Keep active

Your body is designed to move, no matter what age you are so stop making excuses. Just 150 minutes of moderate activity per week will help you stay strong and healthy. You can start small with walks and low-impact exercise then, as you get stronger progress to more and include strengthening exercises. It will help improve your sleep, give you more energy, lower your risk of obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer.

Use your appliances

Set up calendar reminders on your phone or computer so that you never forget to take your medicine, renew your visa or pay your bills. If you have Siri, Google Home or Siri get to grips with them so that you can use them to help you. Also, use your smartphone to take pictures of your medication for ease of purchasing in a pharmacy or if you have to show them to a doctor.

When Getting Dressed

Be careful and sit rather than stand if you are worried about falling. Try putting your belt in your trousers before you put them on as it’s far less fiddly when you don’t have to thread it through the belt loops behind your back.

Make the most of your doctor

It’s a good idea to get regular routine tests. During COVID people have been neglecting these but as you get older it’s really important to keep a check on your blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels. High readings can increase your risk factor for stroke and heart disease.

Pick up a long-neglected hobby

Or try something new. You could try a class on Youtube or in a club once gyms reopen. Learn a new instrument, foreign language, computer game. This can help your brain health and help to prevent mental decline “use it or lose it” as the old saying goes!

If you’re always losing the remote control,

Try using velcro strips on the back of it to stick it somewhere memorable – could save you ages. Also have a bowl or a tray in which to deposit, keys, reading glasses, and any other useful items that you waste far too much time looking for.

Colourful fabric or Ribbon

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel try to tie some colourful fabric or ribbon around the handle of your suitcase. That way you can pick it out easily when it comes out on the airport carousel – especially if your suitcase is black!

Don’t Fixate on a Number

Age is a number but it’s not something that defines you and aging is just a natural process Although nostalgia can be a comforting thing, it can often remind us too much of our past viewing it with rose coloured glasses. This can lead to less favorable comparisons with life today.

Instead, as Eckhart Tolle advises “Make the NOW the primary focus of your life

Focus on the here and now

Or stick to the golden stand by “you’re only as old as you feel” !

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