Pattaya International Hospital Clean and Safe

Pattaya International Hospital Clean and Safe

Pattaya International Hospital can pride itself on a spotless reputation without any occurrences of post operative or secondary infection. This is in no small way due to the fact that for over 40 years the hospital has been made clean and safe by its use of Ozone.

How does this work? Well we all know that oxygen is referred to as 02 but 03 is Ozone being made up of three oxygen molecules also known as “trioxygen”. By use of a generator with an electrical charge, 02 oxygen molecules can be rearranged to form 03. The third oxygen molecule found in Ozone is unstable and only shares a loose connection with the other two so can easily attach itself to viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and pollutants destroying them in the process. In this way Ozone has the ability to clean and deodorize indoor areas very quickly and efficiently.

The hospital uses it extensively throughout its operating theatres, wards, waiting rooms, stairways and corridors to disinfect and deodorize However the process must be done very carefully as each area must be vacated for at least 20 minutes while the Ozone does its work. Otherwise it can cause discomfort to anyone in the vicinity with irritation to the eyes and nasal lining.Therefore the hospital carries out this sanitation process systematically tackling area by area to keep all parts of the hospital clean,fresh and virus free.

This is especially important at a time of COVID when people might be unsure about visiting hospitals for essential check ups, treatments and medical procedures.However at Pattaya International Hospital there is no cause for alarm – you are in safe hands – spotlessly clean,safe hands!

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