Why is House Staging Important ?

Why is House Staging Important?

Anyone who has seen the film “American Beauty” will be sure to have noticed Annette Bening’s superb performance as the somewhat obsessive property realtor who goes to great lengths to achieve her mantra of “I will sell this house today”. Her preparations include house staging as a means to achieve this goal.

So what do we mean by the term “House Staging”? Well if you consider the presentation of a property to a prospective buyer as a theatrical event, then staging, of course, means that it is prepared to look as appealing and charming as possible. This tactic is trendy in the United States and has spread to other countries keen to profit on the success of making the best of a prospective property for sale.

Common sense should tell us to ensure our homes are clean and tidy before letting anyone into them. Yet it is amazing how many real estate agents report that they have entered properties that are not shown to their best advantage when taking prospective clients on viewings.

Common sense should also tell us that when there is a surfeit of available property perhaps similar in terms of size and location, having a “staged property” can allow a unit to stand out. Having an edge can make all the difference, and the advantage of using the house staging tactic is that making it as stylish and enticing as possible can make a unit sell faster and maybe even for a higher price.

House staging goes far beyond merely tidying and cleaning – although this is, of course, a good start. It can involve the use of furniture, decorations, and even props as the aim are for the space to appear occupied but not too lived in. Psychologically what you are aiming for is to make your property look like a home that the buyer can imagine themselves occupying. Clutter or too many family photos and personal effects can actually stop this from happening. Visitors may subconsciously see themselves as intruders or find their eyes drawn to the pictures rather than focusing on the dimensions and feel of the property.

Condominium developers with multiple units to sell usually bring in professionals to dress their show units to obtain the style and design they are looking for. It may even include styling up to the trends of the nationality believed to be most in favour of the condo purchase. Private owners and landlords are generally less willing to spend money beautifully, presenting their living spaces. However, staging a property does not need to be a considerable investment. There are plenty of cost-effective tactics that can be employed.

Contemporary paintings or photographs are excellent decorations to liven up empty walls, neutral and stylish is the overall objective.

Tables and kitchen areas look good when set with cutlery, plates, and decorative pieces, e.g. a vase of flowers. Even a bottle of wine on the table gives the impression that elegant dinners are often held in this space.

Well-made beds with cushions can be very pleasing to the eye, but when in doubt you should always opt for clean, white bed linen that will never offend and maximise the size of your bed. Also light coloured furniture and walls help with the illusion of increased space. A lick of paint to refresh walls can be a minimal cost for maximum effect outlay.

Adding decorative toiletries and matching towels can make the bathroom area feel like a hotel-like experience. You can even take it a step further and invest in scented sticks to give it a luxury spa environment.

In fact, don’t forget your prospective buyer’s sense of smell may also be an essential factor. You don’t want to put viewers off your property because of foul odours such as the smell of cigarette smoke or rubbish bins not cleared out. Home staging can go so far as to include good scents that will subliminally make the prospective purchaser feel at ease – fresh flowers, for example, or the use of a room spray. Remember though you want to go for delicate rather than overpowering scents, and many swear by the smell of freshly baked bread or freshly brewed coffee.

If you have a property to rent or sell and would like a professional assessment of house staging ideas that could help, please ask the team at Pattaya Prestige Properties. We will, of course, also take excellent photos and when possible a video to show your property in its best light.

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