Create quality coffee at home by being your own barista

Create quality coffee at home by being your own barista

              By Elle Inlom

This year with the current situation, many people have become used to staying in and even working at home. Most of us have had to change or adapt our lifestyles to manage activities indoors instead of going outside. So in this article, I would like to share an activity with you that will bring happiness right throughout your day -making your own coffee!

For me, beginning the day with my own cup of coffee is very important and very necessary before I start work. I choose quality coffee beans to create a great cup every day by buying my coffee directly from the roaster or farmer. In this article, I include ideas on coffee for waking you up in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, and coffee to refresh you.

Beginning the day with a soft aroma.
In the morning, I prefer an arabica medium roast, “Hot drip” with a piece of cookie. I like hot drip using a filter sachet in the morning because when we start the day we need something easy and fast. Another good way is to do the slow-motion “relax” method.

What you have to prepare for this is a cone shape dripper, filter, pot, and a cup or beaker for support when you pour over the hot water into the coffee. This menu is good for your health because it contains less caffeine.

Ice Cold Coffee in the afternoon
So once the day has begun you may want to top up your caffeine later on with an iced coffee option in the afternoon. Cold-brew is a good way to make your coffee less bitter and easier to drink, this may be especially good for those who have just started drinking coffee. I make my own cold brew at home by grinding the coffee coarsely and then combining the grounds with water. I then let it steep overnight, (or for around 12 hours). In this time, the coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong, concentrated brew. The next day you can then strain this concoction so it is ready to use. You can add milk to your cold brew or you may choose to combine it with various flavours such as rosemary and thyme. Sometimes, I need a more refreshing cup so then I add soda water and Orange Juice.

Honey Lemon Coffee.
The last menu I would like to recommend is “Honey lemon coffee”. To make this you will need cold brew coffee, lemon juice, ice, and honey. First of all pour the lemon juice into a glass then put the ice in the middle, follow this with honey, and then more ice. Finally, pour the cold brew over the top. This drink is fun to make and looks nice with its different coloured layers and will give you a refreshing blend of tastes as you go from soft bitter. to sweet and then sour.

If you would like more information on how to obtain Thai coffee beans grown in the Chiang Mai region please email pa[email protected] or telephone 0837 683696

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