10 Ways to Make Exercise Fun.

10 Ways to Make Exercise Fun.

If exercise was easy and fun, we all could be in perfect shape. We all could be workout enthusiasts. The fact that most people love to eat junk foods and lead sedentary lifestyles tells you that physical exercise and healthy lifestyles in general can be quite boring. But then, a healthy lifestyle is the central pillar of longevity. You need to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly in order to manage your weight, avoid the risk of chronic diseases, improve your heart health, improve your mental health, and basically stay healthy longer and feel great.

So, as much as you consider exercising to be boring, you have to keep doing it. It will actually get lesser boring if you spice it up with these 10 tips:

  1. Exercise with a friend

Unless you are an introvert, you definitely do not enjoy doing anything by yourself. You will, therefore, be pushing your luck too far by imagining that you can exercise without someone by your side. You will definitely get bored at some point and start looking for excuses not to get out of bed for your morning gym session. To prevent that, get yourself an accountability partner who will be waking up with you and holding you accountable when you miss a workout session.

  1. Tweak up your exercise routine regularly

Try something new whenever you feel like your routine is getting monotonous and boring. You are not challenging your body if you are biking or running every morning week in week out.

Tweak things up a bit. Lift weights, try kickboxing or join a dance class.

  1. Dance it away

Speaking of joining a dance class, this should have been your starting point if you are not the sporty type. Put on your dancing shoes and learn all dance styles there are to learn. The good thing about dancing is that it never gets monotonous because at least one dance style is invented every day somewhere in the world. A new song is released somewhere in the world within an hour. Find them all. Dance them all. You will be very fit in the long run.

  1. Listen to audio books

If you love to read, download your favorite audio books or podcasts on your music player and be listening to them as you exercise. Every exercise session will be a book club session for you, so you will always look forward to it.

  1. Or watch TV

Time goes faster when you watch TV. Trick your body into thinking that you woke up early to watch your favorite breakfast show and instead of sitting on the couch, get busy with at-home exercises.

  1. Play

Reinvent games such as catch, jumping rope, hopscotch, and shoot hoops, and any game that you loved growing up or in college. Go swimming if you have a pool. Ask your partner to play tennis with you. Teach your kids how to play volleyball or badminton. You don’t have to be good at it. Just do it to get your body moving.

  1. Try different sceneries

Head outside and enjoy nature as you exercise; breathe some fresh air. Running through the neighborhood in the morning can be very refreshing and motivating. Grab your bike and ride away. Acquire an ebike kit and convert your bike into a pedal-assist, light electric bike and then go hiking with it. Trail running or mountain biking can be great fun when done with an ebike.

  1. Avoid the scale

Losing fat doesn’t mean you will automatically lose weight. Sometimes the fat you lose is replaced by muscles, so your weight remains the same or hikes a bit. Besides, eating healthy and exercising is a routine that will get you results in the long run, not right away. That is why you should stop weighing and measuring your body every day. You might be demoralized by the results.

  1. Join a class

Join a local yoga, spinning, or aqua aerobics class. You will make many workout buddies and lose some pounds in the process.

  1. Be moderate

Going all-in can be frustrating because you might get injured or get too tired to keep the momentum going. That is why you should start out slowly and build momentum bit by bit.


Always remember to relax at the end of the exercise. Just lie down, close your eyes, cool down, and allow your body to get deep relaxation. You will feel so good that you will be looking forward to exercising every day. It is also a great way to heal from the physical stress you exposed your body to.

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