History of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club part 2.

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club with over 60 years of history.

                                                                                                                                                                                     By Gloria Jones

Last month I gave you a brief history of the club that has been gracing Pattaya with its presence for over 60 years *. Set in its idyllic location with manicured lawns rolling right down to the seafront, the beautiful clubhouse has many interesting artifacts and objects of interest.

For example If you look to the floor at the centre of the club’s marvellous atrium you will see a design by Prof. Apichai Piromrak of Silpakorn University entitled “The Eye of Wisdom ”.
Inspired by the name of the club: “Varuna” this aptly comes from one of the most important Hindu Gods. I say aptly because he was believed to rule the oceans and winds,and keep the demons of the sea under control – a perfect choice for a yacht club.

Photo The Eye of Wisdom
You will see the design shows Varuna’s compass needle pointing to the true north as “Varuna knows the pathway of the wind. Is responsible for the sun to move in the sky, is the Lord of the Waters and the provider of rain”. Also the sun is to the East and the moon to the West as “He is responsible for the sun to move in the sky, for day and night to stay separate and for the earth to keep its form”.

Then there is the Varuna knot that can be seen everywhere being the club’s gold on navy logo. Often in statues and paintings of the God, Varuna can be seen holding it, as according to Vedic lore the knot was said to have been made from a serpent. However for sailors it represents a nautical knot and so binds the club to the wind and sea. Chosen to be the club’s logo by HH Bhisatej Rajani, a founding member, a unalome symbol was added later, just above, when the club was granted its Royal Patronage.

If you step upstairs the view is even more breathtaking and the open air design gives a wonderful breezy,cool feel. To the left there is a conference room that holds a cabinet full of trophies and relics of the the club’s history For example the Firebird Trophy which has a bronze eagle set atop of a model of Koh Rin which was designed and presented by HH Prince Bira. The Prince and Princess Lom actually being winners of the first race

If you have a special event or conference you can contact the club. For example to hire the conference for the day is a mere 10,000 baht and that includes 2 x coffee servings. Tel 038 250 116 to speak to Khun Mai or Baz and they will be able to help you.

Or just come along for a drink or a meal and have a look yourself at all the wonderful objects to me found at The Royal Varuna Yacht Club House.

*If you missed last month’s article you can still read it Here

The Royal Varuna Yacht Club Gracing Pattaya for over 60 years.


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