This month Love your Studio

This month Love your Studio

“My tiny apartment is trying to suffocate me!” we scream when reaching breaking point in our cramped little apartments. However there is a way to regain your sanity in your small apartment. So without further ado, here are some simple things you can do to instantly make your studio feel less cluttered and more relaxing.

The Big 3: Bed, Couch, and Desk

Try limiting yourself to only three large pieces of furniture in your studio.
These 3 things should be your bed, your couch, and your desk. I also think the Big 3 should be the very first items you buy or place in the apartment. Everything else can orbit around them and can easily be small – coffee tables, accent tables, bookshelves, even TV stands. But your Big 3 are the pieces that are worth investing space in.
If you’re about to move into a new apartment, or you’re about to redecorate your current one, this is a nice, simplified mindset to be in when you’re shopping or choosing which items of yours to keep vs which ones to sell or donate. Moving into or decorating an apartment can be overwhelming. but if you just prioritize the Big 3, you’ll find that everything else in the room falls into place a bit more easily.

Divide and Conquer

Even In a studio apartment it is still possible to divide the space into three specific main “rooms”: the living room, the bedroom, and the office. This is where the Big 3 really come into play, as each Big 3 piece acts as Area Rugs
Area rugs can take a big lump of space and not only define it, but really anchor it. They give your eyes somewhere to land and clue you into what space is what.
the main anchor and definer for each “room” – the couch defines the living room, the bed defines the bedroom, and the desk defines the office.

Bins can be perfect for storing remotes, random knick-knacks, or even just some pretty flowers.If you want your space to feel more relaxing and stylish,a simple way to keep the clutter at bay is to store it out of sight. What makes it fun is that you can put some creativity into it and have your storage reflect your personal style.ace.


You’ve probably already heard about using the magic of mirrors to make a space look bigger.There’s a reason why mirrors have such great space-enhancing reputations: they work. If you want a simple way to open up your space, just hang a mirror or you can prop a large floor mirror against a wall, if your space allows for that.

Avoid clutter AT ALL COSTS

For tips on this you can refer back to our article in last month’s Property Trader on page 14. If you missed it you can go to our BACK ISSUES page – Ed
Clutter is the death of interior style which may sound a little dramatic, but if you already have a nicely decorated apartment, clutter will immediately negate all that style. This even goes for accessories to an extent, as there is a fine line between accessorizing and cluttering. Candles, books, flowers, trinkets use them sparingly.

Even if you carry out just one of these tips, you’ll probably find that your apartment will already feel more stylish. If you do them all… well you will have pretty much just leveled up your decor game.

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