The V20 Boutique Hotel and Why It Is Unique

If you are looking for accommodation in Bangkok and fancy something a little different than the standard corporate hotel chain fare, then why not select a Boutique Hotel? There are many fantastic areas to stay in Bangkok, it rather depends on where you prefer to stay. If your preference is for shopping, visiting temples and wats, wining and dining, wandering around local markets, or exploring the nightlife. Bangkok has it all, but as a huge city everything is quite spread out. Your accommodation needs to be close to the public transportation system and in particular the MRT or the BTS. Getting around by bus or taxi can take ages as the traffic is often gridlocked in Bangkok. The V20 Boutique Hotel is a short stroll to the MTS, and is situated in a rather eclectic and bijou area of the city near Chatuchak Park. There are plenty of local restaurants and businesses to enjoy real Bangkok life.

The V20 Boutique Hotel

The V20 Boutique Hotel has a policy to offer their clients the best possible service and facilities at the most reasonable prices, 5 star accommodation at 3 star pricing. Every type of visitor is warmly accepted by the V20, from the tourist who wants to see all of Bangkok’s marvellous attractions to the modern businessman who needs all the amenities of a professional traveller. The hotel has a sophisticated and fast internet service to complement it’s well equipped meeting rooms, and it is also available throughout all hotel other areas.

The Aquarium

The V20 Aquarium is one of the most unique features in any hotel in Bangkok, it really is the focal point of the entire hotel and attracts visitors from all over the world. The aquarium is quite staggering in its dimensions, it is 5 metres long and 2.5 metres wide purposely built marine tank. The capacity is 50,000 litres and can be viewed from three sides as well as from a glass bridge above. Some of the bedrooms also feature the tank as part of their walls, hence the phrase “sleeping with the fish!” This unusual but fantastic feature, sets the V20 Boutique Hotel apart from its competitors. It is fascinating both for lovers of marine life and hotel guests. It houses a myriad of colourful and exotic fish and is home to some unique SPS corals. The corals are quite challenging to grow in a tank environment, but modern discoveries have now made it possible for a good aquarist to keep them artificially. There are various species of acropora, hydnophora and other assorted SPS corals that the resident fish love to swim amongst and play with. If you wish to secure your stay at the V20 Boutique Hotel then contact them today to reserve your booking.