The Sportsman Pub and Restaurant, has long been my favourite place to enjoy a Sunday Roast. When I’m feeling somewhat nostalgic for a British pub this really fits the bill. To my mind it’s the best Sunday Roast Carvery in town and what makes it stand out for me is the fact that they offer 2 joints of beef – one slightly less done for people like me who prefer their beef a little pink in the middle and oh that Cauliflower Cheese ! However I digress, on this occasion Dining in Detail was there to focus on the All-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, salad buffet, available between 6:00 and 10:00pm,

The Sportsman was busy, especially for low season, as this is obviously a popular Friday treat and tremendous value at just 249 per customer with not just pizza but an ample salad and pasta offering in the mix as well.

If like me you are always happy to see potato salad at a buffet then The Sportsman will not disappoint for they are no stranger to private functions and can often be seen putting on a spread for outside catering functions visit for more information on this.Salad, tomatoes, cucumber and coleslaw were also much in evidence to give you the feeling that you are putting a healthy start to your meal before loading up on the delicious carbs to follow! There’s also plenty of garlic bread and some delicious little onion and olive sticks to get you started.

Then it’s time for the main Pizza and Pasta event. Darren and his team were kept busy constantly filling up from the hatch from the kitchen sumptuous pizzas where there is no skimping on the topping plentiful pepperoni and barbecued chicken especially. There were also Margarita and Hawaiian options. A crunchy thin base with generous toppings made for very acceptable buffet pizza..

With the pasta, on the Friday we visited there was a choice of either spaghetti or macaroni with Carbonara Bolognese, Tomato and basil or cheese sauces available.

So I have to say a really excellent selection with absolutely something for everyone.

I also particularly like the fact that the friendly staff at the Sportsman don’t rush you or hover over the table to sweep everything away the second you put your cutlery down – as I have found in other establishments and which is my current pet hate. They are attentive but do not rush or hassle customers which I am sure has much to do with the hands-on management.

If you haven’t tried The Sportsman or have only been there on a Sunday then head down Soi 13, between Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road to check out the Friday buffet – you won’t be disappointed!

Tel 038 710 609 SportsmanPattaya