The eagerly awaited grand opening of Hooters, rocks Pattaya to the core.

By Terrence Collins

This is the fourth Hooters world famous American franchise to open In Thailand, after Phuket, Bangkok soi 15 and Soi Nana. Showing that the iconic brand is spreading its wings and showing real commitment to Asia with the eventual aim being for 30 new Hooters locations opening around the region in the next five years.

Hooters Pattaya is located on beach road near Royal Garden Shopping center, slap bang in the middle of all the action and boasts seating for 500 diners, 40 flat screen TV’s and almost 3,300 Sqm of floor area, making it the biggest international Hooters restaurant in the world, coming second place only to Hooters Las Vegas. There is real confidence that the growing tourism industry in Pattaya will benefit from this brand.

Being such a large restaurant with ample seating and so many TV’s, not forgetting the hospitable service of the Hooters girls, surely this alone makes the Pattaya venue the best in town to view sporting events, or the perfect place to meet up for a stag night or other big night out on the town..

Another great feature that is bound to be the focus of many a great party night is “Ricardo” the rodeo bucking bull, the first of its kind in Pattaya I believe.

Also the brand will be initiating several events for local charities such as the washing of bikes by the Hooters Girls with proceeds going to charity and being the venue for many charity events. I am sure Hooters will be full to the rafters at the beginning of May when Pattaya hosts the “Pattaya Panthers” Rugby 10’s tournament, for Rugby fans the highlight of the calendar year.

If that doesn’t seem mind bogglingly enough, do you know Hooters employ over 300,000 Hooters girls worldwide? Just think about that for a moment 

In Thailand you can expect to see restaurants open in Chang Mai, Koh Samui and even Khon Kaen.

Meaning soon you will be able to enjoy Hooters famous Chicken wings and hospitality practically were ever you go in Thailand.

So just when you thought the Pattaya lifestyle couldn’t get any better, think again.

Thanks to Hooters, the future is bright and many good times are to be had by all, with two well stocked bars, great food and the hospitality of the lovely Hooters girls, I for one am, sure to end up face down in a bowl of wings in the near future.

So if you haven’t visited Hooters yet, don’t be shy, be sure to visit and see why everyone is going Hooters crazy.