Hamburgers ! Corner stone of any nutritious breakfast 

What kind of Hamburgers? …………………………

Big Kahuna Burger that’s that Hawaiin burger joint ….I hear they got some tasty burgers.”

These famous lines scripted by Quentin Tarantino and spoken by Samuel Jackson provided an iconic scene in a fantastic film that would forever immortalise the “Big Kahuna Burger washed down with a tasty beveridge”.

So with a pleasing sense of fun it is great to see Big Kahuna come to Thappraya road and delight us all with their Great American sandwiches, pizzas, Hawaiian inspired dishes and much, much more.

When The Pattaya Trader visited, pineapple was right up there as a Hawaiin flavour for our choice of fare. From the extremely tasty “Thawaiian Fried Rice” succulent chicken fried rice beautifully served from within a Pineapple – and really so plentiful it would make a great dish for 2 to share. Through to the lip smacking ribs with a slice of pineapple on the side and then my absolute favourite the towering BBQ Onion Burger. When this was served to my table rather embarrassingly people came over to stare and possibly to see if I could actually finish it …….I could ! The home made onion rings were amazing and the potato salad – well just don’t get me started

I love the colours, the hand painted décor and the themed music. This eaterie is professionally run carrying the theme and the fun right the way through. I can;t wait to go back for a breakfast feed of big buttermilk pancakes or crispy bacon and aged cheddar cheese croissant or Bacon Cheesburger Omelet the wants are endless !

If you haven’t been yet I’d advise you to go as soon as possible but be sure to go hungry!

Big Kahuna 315/164 Thappraya Road Moo 12, 20150 Pattaya

Open 8- 21:00 every day

Call 097 242 2329

check out their Facebook page and their fun video adverts created by Pattaya Trader!