The rainy season is now getting into full swing with the next few months leading to more and more wet weather. So this is exactly theright time to get home, shut the door, make yourself cozy with a great film or your favourite TV programme and order a take-away. Even if it’s the end of a long arduous week and you just don’t have the energy to get dressed up and go out, letting someone else bring a delicious dinner to your door is always a great idea. Another favourite time for a take away is if you’ve just moved and everything (including your cooking utensils) is still in boxes and you have little or no energy left to cook. At times like this it’s probably all you can do to just make the beds up and flop down allowing someone else to take the strain of preparing the evening meal.Whatever the reason a hearty Indian Take Away from The Crown of India is at any time a real treat.

We ordered some classic favourites – Chicken Jalfrezi, Madras,Tikka Masala and then tried a couple of new dishes which I would most thoroughly recommend:

Bhuna gosht a mouth-watering dish where the mutton is well cooked in its own juices together with a host of spices including ginger garlic and papaya paste, – completely delicious! Then Malai Kofta a Punjabi dish and one of the most popular Paneer (Indian cheese) recipes where potato and paneer balls are deep fried and then added to a wonderfully thick and creamy gravy !

These curries were accompanied by a selection of nan breads – 1 portion of pilau rice and 1 of onion bhaji with a Dal Tarka for dipping. Everything was brought in perfect condition – no spillages or greasy drips from the bag as curries were stacked in sensible plastic containers and accompaniments in either foil, plastic or take away cartons with good use of elastic bands to prevent any problems with these. There was even a liberal helping of fresh green chillies and cut onion should you wish to add to taste.

Remember when its raining outside and cozy indoors let The Crown of India take the strain and bring you a really great Indian Take Away ! Order via Dning in Detail or phone them on 038 423 009 and please let them know that you read this review – Enjoy!