Solaris Condo Jomtien

Follow the Sun to a quality home in Jomtien: Solaris condominium is landing this autumn.

Is it possible to build a modern condominium at the right time and place whilst still maintaining the quality? This was my first question to the team at Solaris.

About a year and a half ago I went to see some villas in quiet Soi Chaiyapruek 3 where alongside there was only a small, pretty lake and the Inrawadee Resort. On that spot today there stands an impressive building with units ready to move into this autumn. Its name is Solaris condominium and it was where I went to meet the project directors.

Solaris is a well designed low rise luxury project from G&R Development Co. Ltd. it consists of 8 floors and 132 units with high gradematerials and furnishings inside. Whereas several condominiums in Pattaya have remained unfinished for years, this one has been completed extremely quickly. I wondered how this had been achieved without jeopardizing the quality? I found out that it is due to the great contribution of an amazing team.

Khun Mars and Khun Rung are key members and instrumental to the success of this project because of their extremely professional attitude. Khun Mars is from Euro Asia Design Solution a company consisting of architects, engineers,lawyers and interior decorators all experienced in architectural design, construction and getting the various permissions paperwork out. They were great at providing designs and the necessary construction permits and documents for the project on time. Khun Rung is from Rung Charoen Co. Ltd, a company of true construction industry professionals. They have built other landmark quality projects in Pattaya such as The Aiyara Grand Hotel, Le Bali Resort and Aqua (another Jomtien project) doing their utmost to always finish the construction work on time and to the required level.

Also, we cannot forget the part of the developer who ensured that everything went to schedule by not seeking third party investmentbut rather financing the whole project without using future owners’ funds. So it was the winning combination of this team that proved; you can build a modern condominium at the right time and place whilst still maintaining the quality.

I then accepted an invitation to view their stylish grey and white showroom with its rectangular layout and private balcony and have to say the 28 meter studio uses space very efficiently. It comprises a cozy kitchen, shower cabin (decorated with light ,ceramic tiles) enough space to accommodate its King size bed and a decent sized wardrobe. In particular I was delighted to find a condo that provides ample storage:under the bed, above the hanging rail, in the wardrobe and in the many kitchen cabinets.

In addition to well-planned units, Solaris provides good lifestyle options for its residents with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. It also offers 2 levels of parking, a cafe and a mini store providing all the basics. Best of all there’s a huge rooftop gym with wonderful views.

So rather than just look at plans and visualizations worrying as to whether the unit you are about to purchase will be approved or actually built, the beauty and efficiency of Solaris is that you can go there to see what you will be getting right now. Pop into their showroom, have a cup of good coffee and talk with the very helpful team..

As to the price ? Well you will be pleasantly surprised, especially if you bring this copy of the Property Trader with you – then you will get a very good bargain not to be missed!