Interview with Dr Tassuda Buranupakorn of Pattaya International dental department.

By Gloria Jones

Pattaya International Hospital has its dental department up on the ninth floor in a really lovely bright spacious area and it was there that I met with Dr Tassuda Buranupakorn or Dr Pla as she is more easily known. A good name for a dentist in my opinion as it reminds me of the word plaque!Anyway I started by asking Dr Pla how often she thought it best that we have a dental checkup and she advised every six months. At Pattaya International Hospital they encourage this by offering dental checkups at no charge and if you should need a procedure they also display a board showing all costs so there are no nasty shocks. Everything is taken care of from teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions surgical procedures for wisdom tooth extraction, root canal crown and bridgework, X rays where needed and even the procedures such as teeth whitening. This can either be done by laser or with home bleaching where an impression of the teeth is first created so that the patient can then apply gel themselves at home.

In terms of tooth decay it varies from person to person but obviously maintaining good oral hygiene is key to keeping your teeth. Dr Pla advises parents encourage regular teeth cleaning habits with their children as early as possible. Also that children are brought in to see the dentist from an early age – even whilst at toddler stage. First of all because Dr Pla can then just take a look at the formation of the teeth and secondly to get the children used to dentist’s visits so they are less traumatic for the future. I for example had terrible treatment from the good old British NHS when I was a child and it left me with a morbid fear even to this day, whenever I just hear the sound of a dentist’s drill However Dr Pla with her calm gentle manner is I’m sure the perfect introduction for your children to the world of dentistry.

So apart from regular checks what else does she advise? Well we should brush our teeth three times a day, ideally with a soft toothbrush to prevent wear and damage to the gums. Adults holding their toothbrush at a 45° angle, selecting two teeth at a time and brushing them between 10 to 20 times. Whilst for children horizontal is better, but again 10 to 20 times for every two teeth. Dr Pla also recommends that parents stay with their children up until about the age of 11 to check that they are brushing correctly and also flossing their teeth.

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I was finally curious to learn how many years study was involved to become a Dentist I had heard it was quite a long time and Dr Pla confirmed that she studied for six years. Then after graduating at the age of 24 she went on to work for three years in hospitals in Bangkok and Rayong before joining Pattaya International Hospital. ii. Alli So if you are nervous of that all important visit to the dentist worried about any unforeseen costs, or if you want your children to have a pleasant experience with a kindly practitioner; I would definitely recommend taking them to see Dr Pla. She is even available for – appointments on Saturdays so there is no disruption to schooling. Just phone Pattaya International Hospital to make an appointment between 10am and 6pm – you will be pleased you did. LL