The Under the Roof Club

Recently the eyes of the world were firmly fixed on the dramatic rescue of the Wild Boars football team from the Thai Cave. International news releases showed just how hazardous and unforgiving some of the terrain in the North of Thailand can be, especially after heavy rains when flooding can lead to extremely dangerous conditions. Therefore the Pattaya Trader was only too keen to find out more about the “Under the Roof Club”who are based here in Pattaya but have identified a real need to help one of the most isolated communities in Northern Thailand.

These photos show just how mountainous the landscape is in the Mae Hong Son Province where we were told that the trek to the nearest road increases from 3 hours walking time to 12 after heavy rainfall. This is their story:

Our goal is to help the jungle tribe villages that are very isolated and far away from any paved roads. These villages are hard to access, rough terrain and dirt roads make it nearly impossible to travel during rainy season. The muddy, slippery mountain roads are extremely dangerous and only experienced drivers can manage to reach these villages during this period. Most villages don’t have their own schools and children need to travel for hours just to get to school and back, which puts them at great risk of accidents.

We want to raise money to build schools in as many of the main villages as we can, so that the children won’t have to travel long distances just to get a basic education. We also want to provide the villages with food, clothing, school supplies and solar panels for electricity. Our partners in Mae Hong Son province are the Pai Border Police and they will be helping us with the construction and the distribution of all the supplies that we are able to collect.

We are focusing on six selected villages in the Mae Hong Son Province, which we want to provide with functional schools so that all the children of school age can have access to them. Mostly these villages are without electricity, so we also want to provide the schools with their own solar electric system. It costs around 500,000 baht to build each school, which means that a total of three million baht or 100,000 US dollars will need to be raised for this purpose. By building these six schools many children will be able to get a safe access to education, both the village children and also children from the surrounding areas.

As soon as the first 500,000 baht has been raised, the building of the first school will start.

Our webpage (and further articles in The Pattaya Trader ) will be updated with photos of the construction progress. We will have full transparency. All donations from companies and individuals will be published and all expenses will be shown and documented with receipts.

How you can help: If you want to send food, clothing, kitchen utensils school supplies they can be dropped off at Karen Visa Services Soi 10, Thepprasit road 

Monetary donations can be paid into SCB Account no 0863 244 575-5. 
Please email to advise: [email protected] and we shall update the donation on our website
Thank you everyone for your support and to all who are donating to this great cause