Kitchen Trends for 2019 with Kvik Kitchens

If you want to ring the changes for the New Year what better place to start than your kitchen the “heart of the home” and if you need a few ideas take a look at some of these designer trends for the New Year:

Go Darker

The fresh look of a white kitchen has always been popular but for 2019 designers are suggesting we set a moodier tone with more colour. For example the 2019 colour of the year “Night Watch Green” as we’ve already mentioned on Property page 3 works very well and terracotta is another colour to watch out for. “We’re seeing people play with contrasting color combinations, and the social nature of kitchens make them perfect spaces for having fun with color,” says Ashley Banbury, senior designer of HGTV HOME “It’s all about creating a contrast that will hold someone’s attention.”Matte finishes are also increasingly popular for cabinetry and appliances not least of all because they are much easier to keep clean.


It used to be that granite was the surface most people chose but brilliant quartz finishes have really taken over in popularity. It has a natural stone look coupled with the indestructibility of a man-made material. As well as its lustrous look, quartz is virtually indestructible and less likely to collect bacteria – just be sure to avoid excessive heat as hot pots can damage the material easily. Concrete counter tops, backsplashes and flooring are also proving a more budget-friendly alternative

Convection, Steam and Induction

Growing in popularity are convection, steam ovens and induction stove tops. Steam cooking retains nutrients that are usually destroyed by microwave cooking and convection can add to the browning option. Induction is also safe and efficient as the power of magnets is used to generate heat as the power of magnets is used to generate heat and also turn the vessel into the heat source. It also boils water faster than gas and of course is easy to clean. Induction burners also use less heat and eliminate the need for an obtrusive hood, clearing the way for endless creative design possibilities.


Unsurprisingly, clean, uncluttered kitchens are still popular for busy homeowners. With open shelves continuing to be an attractive feature especially glass shelves that are easier to clean and let more light in than bulky wooden shelves. Minimal, modern spaces with simple,clean lines are seen as sophisticated, functional and durable.

With the previously mentioned Night watch green or black cabinetry gold or copper hardware makes for a grand gesture in any kitchen. Or you might combine different metals such as brass fixtures, and silver finishes for a more laid back statement.You don’t have to stay with one color across fixtures, hardware, and lighting as Mixing colors lends sophistication.”



Whatever look you go for it is essential to hide clutter from your surfaces With storage and function key concerns in any kitchen, take advantage of the space under your kitchen island design for example to give a streamlined look.Single level islands don’t block light, increase prep space, and create an unobstructed dining area. In fact a large island with seating for entertaining, continues to gain in popularity and cabinet manufacturers are also creating sliding door solutions and deeper drawers to hide cooking utensils and de clutter.

Think about striking ways you can add unexpected elements in your updated kitchen such as lighting fixtures, decorative add-ons, and surprising finishes that make your kitchen decor unique to your home. Spanish and Moroccan inspired tiles and backsplashes for example give great visual impact You can also explore ways to work with your kitchen remotely as there are now numerous appliance manufacturers that offer connectivity through your phone or even with voice control which helps you multitask and save time.

Of course to find out all the trends and new products available it is a great idea to contact the professionals and see what they recommend for your particular space and budget. Here in Pattaya Kvik Kitchen at Baan and Beyond right by Big C on the Sukhumvit Road is certainly a great place to start.