This month our Pattaya Personality is Kate, or Katerina (she will answer to both) from All Pattaya Condos.

From the moment you meet Kate you know you are dealing with a professional business woman. Along with her business partner Kosta she has helped thousands of customers both buying and selling through All Pattaya Condos. In fact so expert are these two and so knowledgeable about local real estate they even play a game together. From time to time, to test their knowledge, one will show the inside of a condo for the other to guess what building it is housed in and because they have trodden many a mile around town visiting thousands of units they will of course guess right.

So how exactly do you find Kate and the team at All Pattaya Condos ? Well you need to head along Soi 6 Pratumnak ,past what is still affectionately known as “The Russian market”, until you are almost at the end of the soi and where you see a sign for “Heritage” . Here you turn left and go into the car park on the right hand side for the tall, elegant View Talay 3 buildings and you will see All Pattaya Condos office on the ground floor in the corner of the building.

Real estate is only one part of the company’s offer another is legal services headed by Alexandra who had six years with the ABC group before joining Kate and Kosta and prior to that was an experienced lawyer from the Ukraine making her the perfect choice to head their legal department.

Yet another area of expertise they can give is that of investment. An increasingly important service as the team can now suggest a wide range of ideas not just property investment. They can guide their clients through business setups, suggest how to get support from governments in fact run through the whole A to Z of preparing documentation from taxation through to business operations.

When All Pattaya Condos set up their office in the current location the idea was to give it a year’s trial. Five years later they are still more than happy with their choice. It is extremely convenient for many of the Russian people coming to the area maybe initially just as short term tourists but then looking at the longer term opportunities available . There is plenty of parking , direct access to the beach and of course having an office within this View Talay building means that the team are right in place to offer great prices and immediately available units within the building in fact they often have a waiting list ready as soon as one becomes available.

As a company All Pattaya Condos also take part in seminars and exhibitions, for example visiting Russia to show just what opportunities are available here in Pattaya, and in recent years have found that it isn’t all one way traffic from Russia to Thailand as many Thais now like to holiday in Russia to experience the snow, ice and many natural scenic wonders there. Also through her work in conjunction with The Russian Chamber of Commerce – Kate is an executive committee member – she sees plenty of opportunities between the two countries. The Chamber was formed over 120 years ago and now hosts a directory of 60 registered companies

Of course in the past couple of years we all know about the slump in the Russian numbers visiting Pattaya but even during this period Kate tells me

“As one door closes another opens” for with the changes in the Ruble to Baht fortunes many buyers became sellers Also not all Russian customers gave up on Thailand many looked at the long term options with tourist visas offered through, for example the Thailand Elite club and now there are even some sellers happy to accept payment in Cryptocurrency !.

Kate is a certified international property service broker and real estate agent having taken lots of qualifying exams. Through the company’s collaboration with the likes of New Nordic and the Habitat group she can offer her clients guaranteed investment returns. Also she believe by not putting “our eggs all in one basket” being known as an International company rather than one that just specializes in the Russian community has really helped grow the business Although of late Chinese have been the predominant tourists into the area it is not time to discount the Russians as they really enjoy the opportunity to own their own property is a show of success rather than rent or stay in hotels.

Kate is extremely well traveled having been to 35 countries around the world many with strong expat communities but the comparison she can draw on from her travels is that Pattaya is unique in its opportunities and offerings. After ten years here she is still amazed by the diversity of what is available and affordable here. For example she and her husband love to play Billiards and when she lived in Moscow she would have to get to the tables at 6 a.m.to take advantage or the 50 to 60 ruble price because by the evening that price had soared to 300 rubles per hour . However now at the club she goes to, they can play for just 150 baht at any time with great quality tables and equipment.

Kate believes in the people and in the city of Pattaya. Many of her customers and clients have become dear friends. When asked where she sees herself in 5 years time she is happy to say still in Pattaya but hopefully seeing more young ambitious positive people coming into the region. She believes we are in a state of transition with Pattaya growing to be an urban city helped by the government’s plans to develop the EEC (Eastern economic corridor). Furthermore that this once sleepy seaside town will be able to develop as the entire Chon Buri area develops with improved industry, roads and financial investment from overseas. This development will see Pattaya ideally placed right in the centre of this area fulfilling the need for more schools, offices, entertainment sites and businesses and Kate sees herself here because of the growth and development of Pattaya . The unique potential business opportunities it will afford will not just be for the Russian community but internationally with Chinese, Japanese Korean and Europeans clients also and any nationality would be to be a client of Kate’s .