By Gloria Jones

I love a red and white checked tablecloth, it immediately puts me in mind of Parisian bistros and French cafes generally. So to see the pretty layout at L’Auberge was a great first impression quickly followed by a second great impression in the form of a sumptuous selection of produce laid out for their Sunday French cheese and cold cuts Buffet. If you want to be reassured about the quality of the food you are about to sample just go and cast your eyes over the display presented by the restaurant’s owner Renault.

Although born in the Alsace region of France Renault has really been a world traveller throughout his life spending time in Switzerland Morocco Tunisia even Las Vegas in the USA working at a hotel there for six months before joining us here in Pattaya. He explained that many customers come to him to try his fantastic Couscous because it is so authentic and this of course he puts down to his time spent in Morocco where he learnt to make it properly. Also his attention to detail and passion for food is clear to see. When he prepares Beef Bourguignon for example, he imports the beef and the lamb he uses is La Belle Rouge direct from France . So the quality of the produce is sure to be seen and 3 course set meal looks incredibly interesting – but we were here on a Sunday and our mission was to eat cheese!

What is it about cheese? I have always preferred a cheeseboard at the end of the meal in preference to dessert but since coming to Pattaya have found that its scarcity and expense generally means cheese has become even more desirable. L’Auberge certainly had a marvellous selection accompanied by a delicious crisp crunchy salad, Tapenade Olive and fresh French bread. The cold cuts included salami Parma ham, Mortadella, there were wonderfully crunchy little pickle gherkins and cheese aplenty.

Renault is on hand to explain and introduce the different varieties. He told me that he likes to have the classics: Camembert, Brie etc. but each week introduces new cheeses because of course he has loyal fans of his Sunday buffet who will come to sample the new varieties such as Pecorino, Camembert with truffles, Blue Goats cheese, 18 month matured Parmesan, French Blue etc. etc.

French music completes the atmosphere, everything is spotlessly clean. There’s even a helping of “Trou Normand” in this instance lemon sherbet with a delightful addition of a little vodka used to cleanse the pallet so that you can go ahead and eat more L’Auberge on Pratumnak Hill corner of Soi 4 is a great little restaurant to try any evening but especially on Sunday.

Contact them via Facebook or phone 063 408 0101