Carp fishing in Thailand It’s Power on a Stick !

By Chris Millar (The Highlander) – Future Image Dublin Member


Over the past year or so the carp fishing in Thailand has really caught on. Fish in excess of 100lb are not uncommon, and in fact several over this figure have been landed at Top Cats in Koh Samui along with Big Cats and Arapaima Giant Siamese Carp are very different to our European strain of carp, as they tend to be more filter type feeding fish than their cold water counterparts. These fish have huge mouths and they vacuum natural food in the lakes very easily. It is not uncommon for us to fish for these huge fish with Leam ground bait, and for them to get so preoccupied with the constant cloud in the water, that they take everything other than the hook bait.

When the light fades you find a change to the glowing / luminous baits really stands out from the rest, and many of the bigger specimens are caught about an hour after sunset, or as the sun is setting. Forget about France and the big carp that can be caught there. Thailand is the land of the giants for carp fishing. Carp are known for their hard fighting nature so imagine the possibility of battling a fish the size of a heavyweight boxer. This is fishing in Thailand!

Thailand is home to some of the world’s largest carp species. In fact the Giant Siamese carp (Catlocarpio siamensis) is the largest of all carp species in the world and has been reported at 300kg (661lb) a catch that if it had been scientifically recorded could weigh the species in as the confirmed second largest freshwater fish in the world. There are many other smaller species of carp in Thailand such as the Common carp (Cyprinus carpio) which oddly does not grow to anywhere near the proportions of its European or Canadian cousins (10lb fish would be considered huge).

So why don’t you target a type of fish and make it Carp… Read up on different tactics and methods and go pinpoint that fish… Do not pat yourself on the back or crack open a Leo until you succeed in the target fish.

Tight Lines and get out into the wilds of Thailand