Apartment Hunting Like A Pro.

Are you looking to rent an apartment? Perhaps you are relocating and you need an apartment until you can make other arrangements. No matter what the reason, renting an apartment is on your agenda. Are you ready to meet the challenge? In this article, we will give you some pro tips to ensure you get the right apartment with no surprises.

Before you begin

Before you fire up the computer and grab the latest publication of rentals in your area, there are some things you should address.

What do you need in an apartment?

There is a difference between what you need in an apartment and what you want. Sometimes these differences affect the price significantly. Here are some suggested questions you should ask yourself before you begin your search.

How many bedrooms do you need?

    • Do you have a child that will need a room for their time with you?
    • Do you need a room for storage while looking for a home?

Whatever the situation, be honest with yourself about the amount of space you need.

Public transportation

Will you need public transportation for work or school? It is not enough to know there is a bus stop nearby. Before you lease, take the bus route you will be using if you move. How long is the ride? How congested is the bus or train? Is there a lot of construction in the area? This will help you determine if the route is acceptable and timely.


So you have found the apartment that you think will suit you. It is time to talk to the agent. Here are a few tips:

Slow it down

    • The salesperson you are speaking to will probably get a commission if he gets you to sign a lease. He wants you to take the most expensive apartment they have,
    • They may have a promotion going. He may tell you that you get the first month rent free, or cash back offer. Know what you are signing. Read the lease carefully. That first-month free may only take effect after you have rented for six months with no issues. Then they will take it off at the end of the lease. No issues can be tricky. If they issue a warning because a neighbor complained about noise or a guest parked in the wrong parking spot, or a dozen other things can void your offer.
    • Do not sign anything without sleeping on it. They may tell you they have someone else looking at it. If that is true, so be it. Taking the time to weigh your options is the smartest move you can make.

Slow them down. Read everything and make sure anything they promised is written on the lease and they sign it.

  • See the actual apartment
    • They may show you a beautiful model apartment, but is it a true representation of the actual apartment. Ask to see it. If the apartment is not well cared for, this gives you an idea of how much they care about their tenants.

Ask around. Ask your co-workers or classmates for recommendations. If you are considering a specific apartment complex ask them if they know about that complex.

Use these tips and maintain control of the situation and you will find the apartment that is right for you. Happy Hunting!