7 Great ways to make your Cat happy. 

 Cats are often seen as ‘easy’ pets that require little time and attention. That is why many cats are insufficiently provided for in their natural needs, so that they cannot be enough ‘cats’. With these 7 simple tips you can make life a lot easier for your cat. He will spin with happiness! Pet Smart Blog gives you complete guide to take care of your cats.

1.The cat as a hunter

Cats have a very strong hunting instinct. Even the sweetest lap cat is a hunter deep inside. Thanks to its athletic body, sharp vision and sense of smell, every cat is perfectly equipped to go hunting. Cats prefer to hunt in the night, he can also spot his prey perfectly in the dark. Hunting also provides the necessary physical exercise and he exercises his coordination and acumen.Allow your cat the opportunity to hunt. That is possible by playing hunting and fishing games. Use a fishing rod with feathers or a laser pen. It becomes fun for the cat if you move its ‘prey’ away from the cat and not towards him.By the way: outdoor cats can really go hunting and sometimes take a ‘gift’ home for you. Maybe not pleasant, but don’t punish your cat for it. It is a sign of his love for you 🙂

2.Rest and space

Cats spend about 60% of their time sleeping. Much of it happens during the day, and you do him a great favor by giving him that rest. Make sure your cat has enough spots to retreat without being disturbed by people, small children or other pets.Rest and space are both important for the well-being of your cat. Where too many cats live on each other’s lips, the cat can get stressed and display competitive behavior (such as scratching, spraying, uncleanness, aggression). If you have several cats, ensure that there are sufficient spaces where the cats can withdraw. Cats like to lie in high places where they can oversee the environment and feel safe. For example, make a nice place to lie high in a bookcase or attach shelves to the wall and tape a cat bed to it.

3. Interaction with humans: short and often

Cats love contact with people enormously, but in a different way than we humans experience. Although some cats like to lie on their lap for hours, many cats think it’s faster. They appreciate it immensely, but would rather have short contact more often during the day than contact once a day. So take this natural need into account, and quote your cat more often for a short moment of love and playing time with your cat.


Crabbing is an important natural requirement of your cat. He does it to take care of his nails, to mark his territory and to get rid of stress. Therefore, give your cat a large scratching post that he can use to stretch his entire body – he must be high enough, and preferably also choose a somewhat thicker scratching post so that your cat can almost wrap his body around it. Then he can stretch himself wonderfully against it.

5.Litter box

Cats are very hygienic animals and therefore love a clean, fresh litter box. Cats also don’t like to poop and pee in each other’s crap. Therefore give each cat its own litter box. Preferably choose a natural cat litter without perfume. It may smell nice to us, but your cat will pick it up. Pure nature, and regularly change the container and scoop out new droppings every day.


As owners we can sometimes be inclined to ‘spoil’ our cat with tasty snacks. But unfortunately more than a quarter of the domestic cats are overweight, with all the inconveniences and health problems that this entails. So ensure a balanced diet where your cat stays slim and fit. Indulge him with extra play moments or a nice new scratching furniture. Choose a quality chunk or wet food or, and most cats literally get wild: raw meat. That is ready-made for sale in the freezer at the pet store.

7.Every cat is different

Yes, cats are solitary hunters and can sometimes be stubborn. But every cat has its own character, needs contact to a greater or lesser extent and would like to remain mentally and physically challenged. So observe your cat well in his behavior, get to know his ‘language’ and provide him with his natural need of hunting, playing, sleeping and hugging. Do you have too little time to pay attention to your cat? Find a sweet and experienced cat sitter who will visit your cat 1 or 2 times a day during your absence.