Stay cool during hot season with these household tips

Stay cool during hot season with these household tips.


                                                                  By Cheyenne Hollis

Hot season is nearly upon. Temperatures are going to creep up from tolerably warm to scorching. In response, air conditioners will be cranked up to the max and you will do anything and everything in an attempt to stay cool. But doing so can prove challenging if you aren’t prepared.

Instead of waiting for the heat to take hold, plan for the hot season ahead of time. These tips won’t change the fact it’s searing outside, but you may find that they do save you some money when the electric bill rolls in.

1) Have your air conditioner inspected
If you’re like most people, your air conditioner works overtime to keep your home cool during the next few months. These machines work extra hard when the temperatures reach their peak, which can put them under additional strain and even cause them to break.
Don’t wait for that to happen, Instead, have a professional come out and inspect the unit. At the very least they will clean the filters to ensure it runs more efficiently. They may also be able to identify any issues now and fix them. This is much better than having the air conditioner break during summer and having to rely on fans to keep you cool while the repairman comes to fix it.

2) Keep the sun out
We all love sunlight. But having the sun beaming into your house all day can make it harder to keep things cool. Your air conditioner is fighting a battle to pump out cold air. The lower the room temperature is, the less it has to work to accomplish this.
Keep the curtains closed during the day, especially if you aren’t at home. It may seem simple, but countless people let the sun flow into their residence while they are away. When they come home, it’s hot as heck and requires even more energy to cool down than if it had been dark. Even better, install insulated blinds that keep the cold air from escaping when shut.

3) Switch to cotton
If you aren’t using cotton sheets and pillowcases at the moment, swap over now. Cotton breathes easier and stays cooler meaning you won’t be as hot during the night. You may also want to consider a “chillow”. These pillows use special fabrics that claim to keep them cooler than normal ones, but effectiveness does vary.

4) Don’t cook
Cooking is great. But ovens and stoves generate excess heat that will make your house hotter than it already is. We won’t say you should never cook, but if you must, be sure to wait until night when the temperatures outside have receded from their peak.

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