Feng Shui Rules for the Bedroom.

Feng Shui Rules
for the Bedroom.

Although many of the rules that apply to creating an ideal bedroom environment and hopefully a better night’s sleep will seem like common sense, they are to be found in the ancient Chinese concept of Feng Shui.
So during the month of the Chinese New Year we thought we would take a look at these basic do and don’t rules.

Feng Shui concerns positive energy (qi) and how it flows around the objects in your room. How you arrange the objects in your room can affect your sense of calm and wellbeing. Therefore a simple task will be to remove clutter from your bedroom thus enabling better flow around the room. Also go for symmetry when placing objects such as bedside tables in your bedroom, i.e. 2 night stands, or bedside tables, 2 lamps or bedside lights. In feng shui, pairs are thought to promote loving, harmonious energy.

Never place your bed beside the door but rather a comfortable distance from and ideally facing it, so as to afford a clear view of anyone entering the room. Also have a well-made, solid headboard that feels supportive while you sleep In feng shui, headboards provide a feeling of support in life.Your headboard should fit up against your wall, so try to keep your bed as close to the wall as possible.A solid wood frame or a solidly upholstered headboard is best for feng shui. Headboards with multiple panels, open bars, or beds with built-in shelving or storage should be avoided.

Computers and materials related to work should be kept outside the bedroom this will help you to turn off your mind more easily when it is time to rest. Thus promoting a sleep that is deep and restorative with better quality of sleep.

Selecting colours that are soothing is a key piece of the feng shui puzzle. If you have trouble sleeping or you have a very fast-paced life, choose neutral, lighter shades that are more calming.

Once you have established this look you can then add in highlight choices. It’s easiest to begin with neutrals in a bedroom — or less-saturated colors — and then add richer tones. If you’re looking for more of a spark in a relationship or a more vibrant life you might choose red for example as it brings a lot of energy to a space and you don’t need a lot to have a big effect. Perhaps choose this colour for a rug. Adding an area rug under or near the bed is another way to help ground the energy when sleeping and create a balance between yin (soft textures) and yang (hard surfaces).Having two smaller rugs on each side can achieve a similar effect without the costly price tag.

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