Chinese New Year 2020 Year of the Metal Rat.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year usually falls in February but this year it is at the end of this month from the 25th on wards. This is because it lasts seven days from the Lunar New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first lunar month.Although some Chinese companies have been known to take up to 10 days right up until the 15th day of the first lunar month: Lantern Festival.

Here in Pattaya you will see Chinese New Year’s Day celebrations taking place with Parades and decorations. Also, although not as popular as in the past, lighting firecrackers is still an important custom and the sound of exploding firecrackers may well be heard as the clock strikes 12 and for the remaining few days after.

Red is an important colour. You will often see people wearing red during New Year’s celebrations or using red lanterns for decorations. Red envelopes are given to children as a New Year’s present from parents and grandparents with money inside.The money is meant to bring good luck, ward off evil spirits – hence its nickname “Lucky Money”,

Each Chinese Year is symbolized by an animal- 12 in all. The Rat is the first because according to myth, the Jade Emperor decreed that the zodiac would be determined by the order in which the animals arrived before him. The Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride, jumped down just before,landing ahead of the Ox to become the first. Therefore people born in the year of the rat are said to be clever, successful and quick thinkers

The Chinese calendar is quite complicated combining as it does solar, lunar and 60 Stem-Branch counting systems. The 60 Stem-Branch calendar uses the names of Yin Yang Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth). Five elements are also connected to five colors – White, Black, Green, Red, and Brown. So the Chinese use the colour of the animal to count the year. 2020 is the Metal Rat and White is connected to Metal. Therefore, 2020 is the White Metal Rat Year.

According to the Chinese horoscope the Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all Chinese zodiac signs. Furthermore the Year of the Rat will be full of creative energy, where we will feel that everything is possible and that we are the ones making our destiny. A great year for founding and evolving. Those who plan to buy real estate, to start a business or to invest money in a long-term project have great chances of being satisfied in the future. But, beware! These types of initiatives will only be successful if they are carefully planned.

The metal element creates water, which apparently means productivity for industries, such as: machinery, IT, high tech industry, cosmetics, and health.The Year of the White Metal Rat will bring a lot of good things to all of us. Amazing opportunities await those willing to take actions. Dare to step out of your comfort zone to meet special people and find great opportunities.

Happy New Year – Be Lucky!


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