Best Christmas Gifts for 2019

Best Christmas Gifts For 2019

Christmas is drawing near- Yet another season to jingle all the way, spreading messages of joy and love. This is also a perfect time to be with family and to shower those close to you with gifts; to surprise them with the hottest gift for the season. Good things are in abundance this time of year. Are you ready for this year’s festivities? To help you get ready, here is a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list, from your partner, parent, sibling, to the kids. Here we go

  1. Christmas gifts for lovers
  • For him

If your husband or boyfriend is a fitness guy, he really will be grateful if you gift him with a fitness tracker this Christmas. And if he loves to groom himself, a grooming or skincare product will do. And because such men love to have a masculine and refreshing scent, including cologne in the gift basket. We are also sure that you would love to see your man step out in style every morning, so we suggest good, stylish boots for him. Also, if he has been talking about a fancy party or dinner in the upcoming weeks, surprise him with a nice and stylish suit, that would simply go with the occasion.

  • For her

Ladies love cross-body bags, your wife or girlfriend included. And because she won’t be carrying an empty bag, include in this gift hamper some sunglasses, a cute water bottle, and, if your budget allows, a new phone.

If your lady loves green house plants, what about you surprise her with a heart-shaped succulent plant this Christmas? Ladies are emotional beings and will always love a genuine love gesture. A hair dryer would send the same message of love and care.

  1. Christmas gifts for parents
  • For dad

All dads love whiskey glasses… it is their way of touring whiskey distilleries in the mountains. If he isn’t a whiskey guy and he’s advanced in age, then a headlamp or a water-resistant, stylish leather jacket would do.

  • For mom

Most- if not all- moms have hearts made of gold. Why not gift your momma with a golden heart-shaped bracelet as a symbol of your appreciation of her golden heart.

Moms are also brave and protective of their kids. Show your mom that you admire her resilient love by getting her a personalized necklace with, for example, her initials and “mama bear” carving.  If she still goes for night outs, some sparkly studs in order.

  1. For the whole family

Your family will love a wall art canvas for the living room. Also, a family mug or portrait will be a good show of love for the whole family this Christmas.

Make sure to check for Black Friday deals as there are always discounts available. Check out this infographic by Day Translations, where they showed how to know the best Black Friday deals in different countries.

  1. Christmas gifts for kids
  • For young adult (18-21 years)

If your 20-year old son loves to exercise, runner headlights for his running shoes will be perfect. Your boy or girl is also in the dating game at this age, which means that nice-smelling cologne will excite him/her. You can purchase a t-shirt for her, especially one with a sarcastic or funny message.

  • For teen

Teenagers love to engage their peers with cute photos on social media. If you can get your teenage son or daughter a good digital camera or smartphone, you will officially be the mom/dad of the year. A waterproof, stylish backpack will be okay as well. Just remember that teenagers are hard to please, so make sure that the colors you choose are to their exact taste.

Specifically for the girl, a pair of fuzzy slippers will definitely be impressive. For the boy, sometimes for the girl too, a portable phone charger will be pure gold. Teenagers play games and chat on their phones all the time, you know! Virtual reality headsets are also fashionable Christmas gifts for teenagers, both genders.

  • For preteen/tween (9-11 years)

Boys love scooters, and your tween son is no exemption. A bounce-off game will also make a great Christmas gift for him. And because boys love machines and technology, a drone gift will both excite him and indulge his innovative instincts.

Fuzzy slippers, a stylish dress, or a simple make-up kit (if it is okay with you) would be great for a tween girl too.

  • For child

Between 6 and 9 years, boys are discovering their invention and programming abilities. That is why a computer kit would be an awesome gift for him this Christmas. A toy boat that’s remote-controlled is a great choice too.

A cute pink backpack is inspiring for little girls. Make it waterproof so that she can play in the water without damaging her school items.

  • For preschooler

Your preschooler daughter (4-6 years) will love a treat mixer or a Disney princess costume. For the boy, gift him with a superhero costume or a train set.

  • For toddler

Your toddler, boy or girl, is learning new words now, so a word book would be a perfect gift. Number pops are also great for counting practice and color recognition. He/she will also smile uncontrollably if you buy him/her a food truck.

  • For infant

A play mat and some bath toys will stimulate your infant’s senses, particularly the sense of touch and sight. Make him/her feel loved this Christmas. It could be his/her first Christmas, actually.

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