Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Ripley’s World of Entertainment is located on 2nd floor of Royal Garden Plaza, Pattaya. It features world class entertainment attractions which everyone can enjoy. A most unusual museum, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museumin Pattaya has over 350 fascinating exhibits.
Thrill and be exhilarated with Ripley’s 12D Moving Theatre, a high-tech simulator amusement ride guaranteed to thrill both the mind and body.
Venture into your worst nightmares at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.  Be dazzled with unimaginable special effects and live actors that will send shivers down your spine from the moment you enter ‘til the time you escape!  
Journey into new magical worlds at Ripley’s Infinity Maze.  A 20-minutes trip into theMaze will challenge your perception, mesmerize all your senses and make you question reality!
Stand among the famous celebrities at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks®, a world class wax museum which features 68 international and Thai celebrity models from the worlds of sports, music, films and politics. Mingle with the most famous stars from the past and the present and relive the unforgettable moments and memories.
Take a surreal journey through Ripley’s Scream in the Dark! where your screams and precise shooting skills will help you score higher points. This interactive dark ride presents enough illusions and delusions to give you the happiest of nightmares for weeks to come!
Watch in amazement as your wildest action fantasy blazes to life before you at The Vault: Laser Maze Challenge. Dodge and weave through the security laser field on your way to the vault door. Only the most skilled will make it out of this high-end vault!
Prove it with yourself when you experience the fantastic Ripley’s World of Entertainment.