Dining in Detail – Nick the Pizza Delivery Service

Typically I am very good about eating at home. I shop at the Thai markets, I cook at home, and when I do eat out it is typically nothing more than street food, however there are those occasions where the American in me gets an undeniable craving for pizza. There is also the side of me that every once in awhile I just don’t want to see my kitchen. On those particular days I turn to Nick the Pizza.

Nick the Pizza has a well deserved reputation as one of the best delivery places in all of Pattaya. They are fast, reliable, and best of all reasonably priced. Nick the Pizza uses quality ingredients in all their dishes, whether Thai, Russian, American, Indian, English or otherwise. With the diversity of the menu, the partnership with The Caddyshack a popular English Pub & Restaurant, the experience of the staff, and the delivery model there is something for everyone no matter how finicky the eater is. Nick the Pizza is a perfect option for those parties that will have a diverse group of people which is often the case in the melting pot of Pattaya we call home.


The pizza selection at Nick the Pizza is nearly as diverse as the rest of the menu. Build your own pizza choosing any of 23 different toppings ranging from bacon, salami, pineapple, green paprika, squid, mussels, mushrooms, egg, black olives, anchovies, jalapeno peppers, and many other options. Select the Small 10” size of Large 14” size pizza all with hand tossed crust made from scratch and cooked in their pizza ovens.

If you need suggestions for good pizza combinations the menu is chock full of suggestions, 18 of them in fact. From the classic Margarita, to the signature Nick’s Special which has special tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, pepperoni, and pineapple. Another signature pizza from Nick’s is the Lamb Kebab Pizza. The choices are extensive, and you will not be disappointed.

Other Goodies

The meat from the kebab pizza is prepared in the traditional doner fashion and there are both chicken and lamb kebabs available. You can also have a great cheeseburger, chicken sandwich or add bacon to the cheeseburger. Try southern American fare with fried chicken or BBQ ribs. There are a couple of different pasta dishes, nine different baguettes, and a few salads to choose from if you want something on the lighter side.

If you fancy Thai food there are a dozen different dishes to choose from including fried rice, green curry, drunken noodles (Spaghetti Kee mao) and several others. In addition to Thai food, there are some Indian dishes on the menu as well.


Caddyshack Delivery Bonus

In addition to all the awesome food at Nick the Pizza they also do delivery for Caddyshack daily. Caddyshack has traditional English fare, including lamb roast, meat pies, beef stew, liver & bacon with onions, and many other choices.

As you can see with all these choices you can make a party of 2 – 20 happy with the variety available. Nick the Pizza has a diverse menu and uses quality ingredients. It is no wonder they have enjoyed so much success over the last ten years delivering food all over Pattaya………..and don’t forget throughout the month of November you can get a 10% discount by quoting NOV10PT