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For anyone looking for a first-rate cigar here in Pattaya or those simply wishing to take it easy seated on plush leather chairs. 

We would also like to say a heartfelt thank you for all your support and encouragement over 2021 and let you know of our future plans for 2022. 

The friendly landlord explains that the key money is just a standard thingy in Thailand for the lease of commercial properties.

หลายท่านคงเคยได้ยินระบบเสียงโรงภาพยนตร์ในรูปแบบต่างๆมาแล้วทั้งในโรงและที่บ้าน ในฉบับนี้

The conclusion to one of the most exciting Formula 1 seasons in years came to a thrilling and controversial climax.

let’s take a look back and see who made the headlines in 2021.

I got to thinking about the best party I ever experienced. It was in 1982 at the legendary Abbey Road recording studios in London.

The “Rosinka” International Russian School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance which has been successfully operating in Pattaya for 11 years. 

Western fashion trends for Autumn/Winter seasons don’t seem to translate too well here in Thailand. 

So does this sound like you? Every January you regurgitate the same old list of resolutions you made the previous year 

There was an amazing number of variations to choose from with each Coffee Roaster extolling the virtues and special flavours of their speciality blends and roasts.

Imagine a place where you immediately feel comfortable the minute you walk in.

Amalgamating Le Bakery into Pepper & Salt required a move of all equipment and personnel into larger premises next to the restaurant. 

From early years to IB, Outdoor learning has an integral place in every student’s learning journey.

Recently held at the Fitz Club and sponsored by The Aspen Tree by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, this prestigious event brought together around 100 top Tennis players from all over the world.


If you do, you will know how important it is to make sure you have your affairs in order and for you and your family to feel secure whilst you are away. 

The thought of invasive surgery, needles and painful cosmetic procedures can be daunting for many of us. 


The residents of Pattaya will know that Thailand has some marvellous facilities for golfers, as evidenced by the numerous top quality courses that are available within a short drive of the city.


Everybody Loves the new look Discover Pattaya Magazine!

Despite COVID,a couple of date changes and all the new rules and regulations necessary to stage it at the Park Hyatt Hotel.

Whether you put on weight or lose weight the result is inevitable, some of your clothes will become unwearable. 


I have been plagued during my 46 year professional music and entertainment career by the ‘credibility’ brigade of, especially, musicians who seek purity in their art.


What’s it all about? Is it about Budget? Ownership? Convenience? Privacy? Views? Let’s review some of the pros and cons.

If you don’t want to splash out on tags for your Christmas presents then why not make your own.


The pros and cons of buying Thailand real estate right now are numerous. Understanding these can be helpful in making a confident decision.


Wong Tet Choong, better known as ‘TC’, became one of Singapore’s most famous sailors last year. 

Ten Very useful hacks to help students get back on track with their studies.



The detective returns to one of his old favorites for one of the most elaborate espresso flavors in Pattaya. 


How lovely to find a brand new park in Jomtien. You come to it by traveling down Jomtien 2nd road until you are opposite Riviera.

What an amazing venue in which to enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet!

Do you want something made to measure? Let Ama fashions experienced tailors help you.


Who will earn the gold standard in Thai-real estate this year?

The anxiety and stress. Who doesn’t want to be a real estate agent? These guys have a great life – easy job – big money – nice cars… wow! 

Thailand has demonstrated one of the most significant improvements compared to the DQL 2020, 


Now in its sixth year, the Dot Property Thailand Awards honours the best real estate across Thailand.

ในวันที่ 8 ตุลาคม 2564 ก็จะครบรอบ 51 ปี การจากไปของ มิตร ชัยบัญชา ซึ่งจะมีพิธีทำบุญอุทิศส่วนกุศล ที่วัดแคนางเลิ้ง และจัดงานรำลึกถึง มิตร ชัยบัญชา ที่หอภาพยนตร์ ศาลายา เป็นประจำทุกปี 

Take Away Dine in or Dine out? It’s all been rather confusing over the last few months in Pattaya but now restrictions are being lifted a little, choices begin to unfold.


The Coffee shop scene in Pattaya recently received a vibrant new addition with the opening of the Bell’s Inn Love Café.

Perhaps a shirt or blouse that has seen better days? It might be frayed at the collar or cuffs?

Sometimes something happens in sport, that even if written in fiction you would think ridiculous. 

Former Pattaya student, Putharet Khongrak, 27, is celebrating in Japan after winning two bronze medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

Sometimes as people get older, due to problems such as reduced mobility, memory issues, or health problems, everyday activities can become more challenging.

Since February 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant disruption to the Thai economy as well as the global economy.

Charlie Watts, the drummer, and heartbeat of the Rolling Stones passed away on the 24th of August. Fifty years ago at age thirteen, I started to buy my first vinyl records.

For nearly 70 years, sailors have been drawn to the allure of the Rolex Giraglia. From its humble beginnings in 1953 to its position today as one of the most important annual sailing events in the Mediterranean

Where does it all go wrong? Isn’t it true that all these “Farangs” (foreigners) are seen as people with money to spend? 

Lockdowns can be ruinous for our health, for mental health, for physical health and for a feeling of being trapped indoors too many hours in the day leading to boredom and eating too much.

Finding a good, artisanal coffee on Pattaya Beach has long been a challenging task but help is now at hand as the great people from King of Coffee have opened directly on Pattaya Beach Road outside the Baywalk Residence.

What a relief! 14 days of quarantine on a tropical island as an alternative to solitary confinement in a hotel room.

Getting the best price during real estate negotiations doesn’t have to be a painful process. 

Finding someone to occupy your rental property can be difficult. Learn about these unique selling points (USPs).

Thailand’s leading market commentators discussed the state of the economy and the real estate industry.

If like Tracey Emin who famously sold her unmade bed for 2.2 million pounds you have found a way to make untidiness work for you?

The Floeth shipyard in Rayong is set to deliver a 110ft wave-piercing, tri-deck powercat in the second half of this year.

 I want to tell you about the 1970 World Cup, something that really meant something to me personally.

The Coffee Detective was following a hot lead only to be bitterly (literally) disappointed.

Everyone knows I’m no great cook but for those of you who are I am sure every so often (especially at the weekend), it’s nice to be spoilt. 

New LP from successful Songwriter, radio/TV presenter, performer and producer…….

Sugar Hut has been an iconic landmark in Pattaya since 1984, and now proviodes a new Onsen Spa experience..

With Covid-19 restrictions and limitations continuing, Sandbar has given us a ray of hope by introducing Brunch.

When one thinks of the supercars that make up.Ferrari’s impressive catalog the first thing that comes to mind…..