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Thailand Tourism Festival 2015

To celebrate the grand opening celebration of the “2015 Discover Thainess” campaign,  the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has rescheduled the country’s biggest tourism event, the Thailand Tourism Festival (TTF), to be held during 14-18 January, 2015, at Lumpini Park, Bangkok. 

In 2015, the TTF marks its 35th anniversary and forms part of the “2015 Discover Thainess” campaign in offering a showcase of the kingdom’s glorious centuries-old culture and rich natural heritage that can be classified into five categories, or five major regions of Thailand – Central Region, North, Northeast, East and South.

The five cultural villages will showcase the variations in the Thai way of life from the five regions of Thailand. Each is designed to evoke the distinct atmospheres of the region it represents.

The Central Region 

Visiting the Central Region in a Variety of Styles: There will be displays of Thai-style communal houses and villages as well as floating markets, village stalls and cultural performances that portray some of this region’s ancient folk wisdom. There will also be presentations that enable visitors to learn about the region’s 19 provinces while a number of folk performances will be performed at the zone’s dedicated stage.

The North

Celebrated Cultural Treasures and Abundant Natural Beauty: This zone will feature a traditional northern Thai village life through demonstrations of local arts and crafts techniques; such as, cloth weaving and silverware making, all of which make northern Thailand a very unique region that is rich in cultural and natural heritage. There will also be a range of cultural performances to enjoy and the chance to experience shopping in a charming northern Thai-style market.

The Northeast

The Land of Ancient Civilisation: A replica of the sacred Phra That Phanom will be the landmark for this zone, where visitors will be mesmerised by unique cultural treasures and outstanding local wisdom that are seen in the indigenous architecture of the buildings and the rich element of the festivals. There will also be a range of demonstrations of the region’s unique arts and crafts, as well as a host of cultural performances.

The East

The Colours of the East: This is a showcase of the East-Meets-West way of life in this region, which has seen a rise of modern-world attractions in recent years. Hence, the zone will be presented with a replica of “Mimosa Pattaya: The City of Love” tourist attraction, and will be highlighting several other tourist sites; such as, the Art in Paradise – 3D art museum, the Teddy Bear Museum and the Bottle Art Museum. There will also be a range of stage performances, demonstrations of local arts and crafts, and displays of local fruits and food unique to the region.

The South

The Sea of Natural and Cultural Heritage: In depicting the region’s crystal-clear sea, lush forests and unique blend of people and cultures, a replica of a southern Thai-style house will take the centre stage in showcasing the ancient folk wisdom. The zone will be featuring sacred festivals unique to the region, including Chak Phra, or the hauling of the Buddha image, as well as a wide variety of folk performances and local arts and crafts.
At the main stage, visitors are also invited to enjoy daily traditional and contemporary performances, including some rare Thai folk dance traditions. Highlights include the Khon Thai masked dance, a Thai martial art show, Thai puppet show, traditional Thai gag shows, as well as concerts and music performances from well-known singers and famous bands. In addition, there will be a daily “Discover Thainess” parade taking place within the park at 16.00 hrs.
The TTF 2015 will take place at the Lumpini Park at 16.00-22.00 hrs during 14-16 January and at 12.00-22.00 hrs during the weekend of 17-18 January.
Admission is free.