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Obtaining A Marriage Visa in Thailand


Expatriates who live in the Land of Smiles may often be left worrying about how they can stay in the country without the appropriate visa, but those who are married rarely have to worry.


When a foreigner marries a Thai national they are immediately entitled to apply for a Thai marriage visa. This type of visa is known as a non-immigrant O visa. This type of visa will entitle the holder to renewable yearly visas allowing them to stay in the country indefinitely. Fortunately, compared to other visa types, the marriage visa is a simple process.


The requirements are as follows:


  • Married to Thai national

  • You are able to financially support both you and your Thai spouse

  • When renewing your visa each year you have to prove that you are still in a relationship and will have to take your partner with you along with the original copy of your marriage certificate.


Previously you also had to have a medical certificate and police clearance, but this is no longer required.



Application Process


The actual procedure you need to follow to obtain your marriage visa is quite simple. An applicant who has 21 days remaining on on his current visa can apply initially for a 90 day visa and then have this converted to a marriage visa before it expires.


You will need to take your Thai partner along to the nearest immigration department to begin the process. Make sure that you take your marriage certificate with you for the process.



Getting Advice


When getting any type of visa in Thailand it is wise to seek some advice beforehand. Without the right advice and guidance, something could go wrong and this may prevent you from getting your visa, or at least delay the process.


There are many visa companies located around the country that have western staff and are professional when it comes to understanding the Thai visa system. Some will even offer to complete the process for you for a small fee.


As long as you are honest and follow the guidelines you should not encounter any problems. You can also find that certain immigration offices are more relaxed than others, so you may want to research which ones those are.


If you are looking for help with your marriage visa, or would like some advice vefore you proceed, please visa who are experts in obtaining all types of visas for your Thai girlfriend.