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by Belinda Wilson

If you are just on an overnight or weekend trip here are a few helpful tips to ensure you keep your packing light.
Firstly toiletries: these can really weigh down your luggage – especially if you only have a carry on or overnight bag that you will be mostly carrying yourself. Yes its easy to find travel size versions of most of your favourite items and you can hope that your hotel or guest house will supply you with shower gels, shampoo etc. – but what if they don’t? I’ve found that even the best hotels often leave a shampoo in the bathroom but rarely any hair conditioner. So if you know you are travelling in the near future leave a little remaining in your toothpaste tube, your shampoo and conditioner bottles – and take these with you. They obviously won’t be as heavy as full bottles and cheaper than buying travel size items with the added bonus of giving you more space when you throw them away for any small gifts or souvenirs that you may pick up on your way back.
Think before you pack of what you will be doing on your trip – especially important when it comes to footwear – flip flops for the beach, sensible shoes if any climbing or hiking is involved and always, always make a list!  This is especially helpful if you have other people to consider partners or children, in which case  you can plan for them as you would yourself – underwear, day-wear, beach/activity wear night clothes, toiletries.  Also if you make your lists out in advance you can be sure to have everything laundered and ironed in time. It may seem romantic to just grab a bag and  throw a few items in but a little planning and preparation will help you avoid wasting time on your days out running around trying to find a 7/11 for something you’ve forgotten or looking for clothing  available in your size when you are in a far off retreat !
Happy Travelling!