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So as this issue of The Pattaya Trader is a “green issue” I thought Bargain Hunter should take a look at one of the greenest islands in Thailand: Koh Chang. So named I discovered, because of its large size rather than the fact that there are elephants on the island - although elephants there are and the occasional traffic stopping monkey !

Getting to Koh Chang from the mainland is a bargain in itself in that there are two frequent ferry services about 5 km apart leaving from the village of Laem Ngop, Trat..I travelled on the “Ferry Koh Chang’ to to Ao Sapporot pier that costs just the bargain price of only 80 baht per person (for walk ons) . Also it is a big sturdy, car carrying ferry so you can bring your car across and enjoy the spectacular views of the slowly approaching island as you make your way across.

If you have decided not to bring a car then once on the island you can rent a bike or use the baht buses to get around as there’s really only one road that circumnavigates the island. Well almost, it breaks between Ban Bang Bao and Ban Salek Phet where the beautiful, hilly terrain gets just a bit too hilly.

If you’re planning to visit soon AGoda and have the following great deals ……………………………………..and if you take the trouble to register with Agoda they will email you details of their “insider deals discounts “ and also the locations to enjoy 50% off if booking on a Friday.

Once you have pitched up on Koh Chang there are plenty of beautiful beaches and coves to explore from the main drag of White Sand Beach to the photo opportunity fishing village of Bang Bao with its traditional wooden stilt houses and boats moored for fishing or diving excursions. 

Inland some great walks to visit waterfalls such as Nang Yom in the south of the island and Kiri Phet to the North - if that’s your thing.

And some great little places to catch a bite after all that exertion. One of the most traditional and long standing is Thor’s on White sands beach with a legendary green curry !

Or for a whole evening of Bargain entertainment Filou Cocktail lounge in Kai Bae takes some beating. There was a live band on the Friday I visited who although in need of a few “requests” to improve theirselection proved to be fairly competent and good fun.They also have regular promotions so check out their web site to find out about the promotion cocktails and buckets and their 99 baht burger I can thoroughly recommend.

Bargain Hunter will be back in Pattaya next month so if you have any promotions you would like me to recommend to my readers please email