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Lazing About in Boats

by Ben Reeves



Pattaya Boat Charter
Ocean Marina, Na Jomtien
Tel: 087 132 3566
Refreshments: Included in package


Anyone who has ever ridden on the Koh Larn ferry will know that it is far from being a comfortable experience. Assuming that the boat doesn't sink on the way, it is generally crowded, cramped and quite far from being relaxing. Once you've reached the island, it is very difficult to think of yourself as being on a remote desert island, unless you picture yourself having washed ashore along with the passengers of two or three very large cruise ships.


What is a constant amazement about Pattaya is that a luxury experience need not carry a luxury price tag. You don't need to own the BTS to take a private trip out to visit some of the amazing islands off Na Jomtien without having to share the trip with 300 people in a boat which may or may not reach the intended destination. In fact, the cost of a really remarkable day out with Pattaya Boat Charter is surprisingly low, given the amazing quality of the experience.


Pattaya Boat Charter makes a daily cruise out to Koh Rin, Koh Khram and Koh Ped (otherwise known as “Monkey Island” because of its large resident population of long-tailed macaques). The itinerary is a busy one, including a punishing schedule of relaxing, feeding the fish, swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing, fishing and generally enjoying the peace and tranquillity. Even the journey to and from Ocean Marina is taken care of with a minibus transfer service as part of the package.


Thinking of the likes of Koh Rin and Koh Khram as even vaguely related to Pattaya is quite difficult. The water is crystal clear, the beaches are yellow and clean (and, in some cases, totally deserted), the corals are bright and busy; the whole experience is so completely removed from anything available around the city that it is very easy to imagine that your boat took a wrong turn and ended up in the Caribbean.


Despite being known as the Far Islands – for the rather good reason that they are geographically far from Pattaya – the vessels available from Pattaya Boat Charter are by no means sluggish. It can take as little has 30 minutes to reach Koh Rin from Ocean Marina, which is a journey easily three or four times the length of the Koh Larn ferry route which takes about the same amount of time. The speedboats they use were built here in Pattaya and are well maintained and looked after.


The cost of your day out depends on the level of privacy you want. You can either join the daily cruise and meet a few new friends or you can just book the whole boat. The number of strangers involved in the first option will be low because Pattaya Boat Charter's maximum number of passengers is kept well below each boat's maximum capacity in order to keep the experience comfortable and relaxing. If you have eight or more in your group, though, it actually becomes more cost-effective to charter the boat privately and share the price between you.


This second option comes with the additional bonus of having much more flexibility in your already quite flexible itinerary, including the option of adding different destinations. With more than 10 years of experience, the friendly and helpful team can help you to set up the trip of a lifetime for you and your friends.


The whole day is designed to be entirely care-free. Want to cut the engines and fish for a bit? No problem – they'll even provide the equipment. That coastline looks perfect for a bit of snorkelling, doesn't it? Ok, here's a snorkel, mask and fins (and life jacket, if you're not so confident in the water)! Feeling peckish? Let's stop off at the island restaurant. Thirsty? There are drinks in the cooler – help yourself! Literally the only thing to worry about is making sure that you keep applying the sun cream.



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