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Face Death Safely

A curious aspect of extreme sports is that so few of them are actually dangerous. People often shy away from scuba diving, bungy jumping, sky diving and similar activities because every instinct in their body tells them that it is inherently unsafe to be breathing underwater for anything up to an hour, to leap from a high structure with only a glorified elastic band to keep you from smashing into the floor at terminal velocity or to leave a perfectly serviceable aircraft before it has reached the ground respectively. The irony is that these activities are actually perfectly safe, particularly when compared to driving in Pattaya, which the same people are perfectly happy to do with absolutely no concern.


The reason why these activities are, in fact, very safe is that the regulations, equipment and procedures have developed over years of experience to include multiple redundancy safety buffers. The result is that there is very little that can go wrong and, when it does, there is often some sort of a back-up or safety measure which will reduce the harm caused. Naturally, there are inherent hazards in jumping off a crane with only a rubber rope between you and your maker and, while they are mitigated, they can not easily be totally removed. However, one could say the same about any literally anything. Even climbing a flight of stairs carries the risk of minor injury!


So, why do it? Why do something which your instincts tell you is suicidal but your rational mind tells you is no more dangerous than riding a baht bus? Put it this way: have you ever looking down at a 60m drop and tried convincing yourself that there's absolutely nothing to be afraid of? Even with your rational mind telling you that the rope attached to your ankles will prevent a messy demise, the instinctive part is telling you that your species was never meant to fly. You are not so much staring Death in the face as your own instinct for self-preservation. There is not a thrill on Earth that can equal making your instincts blink first.


Of course, when you are plummeting towards said Earth at considerable speed, it is difficult to tell the difference between the Grim Reaper's skeletal smile and that of your own instincts. It is impossible to really think of anything as you see your fate rushing to meet you, only to be twanged away at literally the very last second. The inane grin that invariably plasters the faces of those being untied after a jump is one of sheer joy at being alive. In the hours after, jumpers often ride a high which comes for a new-found regard for their life and the sheer pleasure of living it.


Pattaya Bungy Jump on Thepprasit Soi 9 gives you the longest time for your life to flash before your eyes, being—at 60m—the tallest in Thailand. Opening in 1989, it is also the oldest in the country which, this being the second in the world to take up the sport, makes it amongst the safest simply because of its years of experience. This experience is why every jump is safety checked several times before gravity starts its work, why they make their own ropes to exacting specifications (also providing the ropes for the Rocket Ball ride at Bali Hai Pier) and closely monitor their usage and wear, why they are the only jump licensed with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and why they handle over 40 jumps a day during the high season.


If you are going to spit in the hollow eye socket of a certain scythe-wielding anthropomorphic personification, you naturally need proof of your endeavour. Pattaya Bungy Jump is quite unique in this regard too, with three HD video cameras watching every inch of your jump as well as the possibility of a helmet-mounted camera and a heli-camera so that your friends can enjoy your view of the ground rushing towards you and the look on your face as it does. The staff there all have over a decade of experience each and, while their first priority is your safety, their second is your enjoyment.