eSports - Pro Gamers?

By Paul H Rogers

“Pro-Gamer” a term that is becoming better known of late refers to people who play games on the PC or console. “Ah… but the pro?” I hear you say! Yes there are people earning a living by sitting in front of their computer playing their favourite FPS (first person shooter) or racing game, and, in some form or another earning money from this.

The phenomenon is probably best known with the well publicised Korean Starcraft Players who can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with organised tournaments and sponsorship. However in this article I would like to focus on the more humble igamer who primarily sits in front of his computer and plays his favorite game for fun!

I myself have a “hobby” which involves me playing a Sim (game) based around official world sports car series and therefore have perhaps, a better insight into the workings of this little known profession. iRacing ( is a game (don't tell anyone ;-)) that blends real life decisions, strategy and engineering, with talent and where racers compete against other real racers in one of the most massive online racing platforms.

So “Good for you!” I hear you say ! I race with a Team:BlackAdderMotorSport ( who have sponsorship, engineers and team mates with real world racing experience. For us the sponsorship covers our day to day costs such as training and publicity in the form of website/forums and servers. Even so we still don't make a “living”. So who does?

Let's take a look at one of my favourite Gamers or perhaps a new term I can introduce to those of you less familiar “Streamers” ;FrankieOnPcIn1080p (

A personable fellow from up North in the UK not long graduated from University as a Lawyer. His eSport career started with him recording his online gaming sessions with friends playing games like DayZ. His easy listening voice and excellent narrative make him a pleasure to watch and listen to, combine this with excellent storytelling and creative editing of his videos and you have a recipe for success. You don't have to be a gamer or have a specific interest in the videos he is creating. Frankie is the show through his wit and banter with other online friends and buddies which make for some awesome and at times really informative videos.

So how does this make him a pro? FrankieOnPcIn1080p’s YouTube channel has 3,515,381 subscribers and over 600 videos. Therefore today when he releases a video he can expect it to be viewed more than 1,000,000 times in less than a week ! There is no charge for watching YouTube as we know but advertisers pay money for their ads to be displayed alongside these videos. Current estimates indicate that channel owners can expect to earn roughly $2 per 1,000 views. However this is only half the story, combine this with affiliate links, online partners like Amazon, and then sponsored content from people like Asus, AMD and Game producers and you can see that this line of work may well be more profitable than his original career choice as a lawyer!

Is there a secret to getting paid to make videos of any genre on YouTube? No! You should hopefully provide content people want to watch, it doesn't necessarily have to be a topic people are interested in if you are a personality and create the video in an engaging way.

Another favorite of mine to watch occasionally is BigCliveDotCom his videos are not sports related, in fact more often than not they are about reverse engineering Chinese copied electrical components/gadgets. Aside from having some strange and unusual things on the show he provides a witty commentary and a layman's insight into the electronics field.

Anybody can do this, there are no barriers, no prohibitive costs. Ideally course you need an internet connection, camera etc. but some people Blog or Vlog entirely from their mobile phones What is important is that you choose a Subject for which you have a good understanding and know the audience that you are targeting. Give your viewers a reason to come back and watch another video, be informative and make your video entertaining. If you really want to shine take extra effort with regards to editing/production, produce regular content and encourage people to interact via social media No excuses just the desire to interact over video and build an audience. Give it a go and let us know about it pattayattrader@pattaya