Rama 4 Road


Rama 4 RoadRama 4 Road may be one of Bangkok’s best-kept real-estate secrets. This very busy thoroughfare runs from the Phra Khanong area all the way to the main Hualampong station and beyond.  
It is as long as Sukhumvit Road and although less famous passes through many well known areas of Bangkok. As such the entire length of Rama 4 has seen a good deal of development of late and continues to do so. 
Starting at its southernmost end, Rama 4’s start point is at its junction with Sukhumvit Road, almost underneath Phra Khanong BTS station. With the meeting of two very important roads, Phra Khanong would be expected to be a very built up area. Yet it is only relatively recently that this location has become developed, and new projects are still ongoing. 
The most established condo is Sukhumvit Plus, (Pictured Right Page) which occupies the actual corner plot between the two roads. This low rise but still substantial project houses some 200+ units in each of its 2 L-shaped buildings, and sports a modern curved style swimming pool, walking area and gym amongst its facilities. Studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments are available in various configurations with the former available for rental from around 12,000 baht per month and for sale at around 2.2m. Even with this condo being one of the older projects in the areas it is still barely 5 years old.  
On the opposite side of Sukhumvit Road, the Sky Walk Condo is still under construction. This 2 building development consists of one mid sized tower of semicircular design, with condos boasting large curved windows on the Sukhumvit side, along with an even taller building nearing completion. Advertised as the tallest Condo along Sukhumvit Road it certainly appears to be in the running to hold that title for some time to come. 
Close by. Just ahead of the main junction, Life 65 and Life 67 condos were recently opened at the sois that are indicated in their names. Life 65 is a very large building spanning 26 stories with a large roof top pool. The 520 units come in various sizes with the most popular being studios and compact 1 bedroom apartments at around 42 – 46 square meters. Look to pay around 15,000 per month for a studio and 19,000 – 21,000 for a compact 1 bedroom layout which features a separation parallel to the windows along with a window between bedroom and lounge to let light through. 
Life 67 by contrast is a small low-rise building that may be of interest to those looking for more of an exclusive feel. Regardless, both building feature opulent lobby areas with huge modern chandeliers and funky sofas. 
Moving along Rama 4 Road proper, the U Sabai condo is around half a kilometer along the right hand side as you depart from Sukhumvit road. This condo is nicely laid out and well located for some peace and quiet. Prices are similar to Life 67, if not slightly higher, and the project is of mid size. 
Ram 4 Road continues unabated with a small plaza housing the Channel 3 building and then on towards a large Lotus and Big C development that straddles the street. On the way 2 new condo developments are evident, capitalizing on the upsurge of popularity of the area. 
One of these is the LPN Lumpini condo that has been built in record time with the project rising at around 1 floor per week. All the details of the units of the lower floors were complete even while construction was on continuing on higher floors. This is a very well located and good value condo building with Studios for sale starting at not much over 1 million baht. 
Moving further along Rama 4, the first major junction is at Klong Toei, home to arguably one of Bangkok’s most famous working fresh markets. This is quite a busy traffic area but for most of the day traffic still moves very freely. The Klong Toy junction joins Rama 4 Road with Ratchadamri Road on the right, which leads directly to Asoke. On the corner of the junction the SET Building can be seen which is the centre of activity for Thailand’s Stock Market. 
There has been little new development in this area, which is curious considering that there is an MRT station (by the same name, Klong Toei) serving the area. The entrances to the MRT can be found within walking distance of the junction itself. However there has been clearance of quite a bit of land and so it would be likely that this area is poised for action soon.
Just a stones throw further along what is now a considerably widened road is Lumpini, officially Bangkok’s most expensive neighborhood.  This small area houses several established condos, but is still mainly home to existing shop houses. 
Rama 4 continues to build on its importance as it moves further north, since it opens up to a major junction with Sathorn Road. For through traffic a bridge over the junction forms the first in a series of elevated road systems that fast track traffic towards Lumpini Stations. On the corner of the Junction with Sathorn Road, Sofitel are just completing construction of their newest Bangkok hotel that has a number of unique design features typical of buildings in the business district.
After another five hundred meters or so Rama 4 announces its arrival at Silom and Lumpini park with a wide and well used junction. Here the famous Dusit Hotel can be found on the left and another MRT Station marks an important hub in the vicinity.  There are some great dining options at the Dusit and so, whether staying there or not, it is a place that can be very much enjoyed.
Moving just another similar distance north, the Chamchuri Square Plaza, opposite the junction with Surawongse road has been open for just 3 years or so and is very popular with students and shoppers alike. The plaza features a host of restaurants including a large Fuji branch, as well as a range of coffee shops, eateries, and electronic and book shops amongst others. 
Serviced apartments on the upper floors have recently been opened and this makes for an ideal spot for anyone looking to reside nears to the Silom and Sathorn areas. 
Nearing the end of Rama 4s Journey the elevated roadways return to the ground floor and the area of Samyan looks much more traditional, with well established shop houses and townhouses lining the streets. Around 1km further on Hualampong railway station can be seen on the right hand side along with the traffic lights that mark the entrance to Yarawat and China town area. 
With so many important places on Rama 4 it could well rival Sukhumvit Road in the future, with many developers arguably betting on that occurring already!