Pattaya Person in The Pattaya Trader

Pattaya Personality Bappy Rahman

By Kevin Cain

One of the most welcome interviews I have ever had the fortune to conduct was last week when I was despatched upstairs in Chaiyapruek Towers to interview the Sales Manager of the Pattaya Trader Mr Bappy Rahmam.

I have been working alongside the jovial Bappy for two years or more and he is the sort of bubbly chatterbox you associate with good salesmen. But his amenable nature does not distract from the driven and successful businessman that I know he is.

One of the most intriguing aspects of all our Pattaya Personalities is why they came to be living in Thailand and Pattaya in particular. And it is the burning question that I am always eager to ask every one of our Personalities.

Primarily Bappy came to Thailand to attend Business Studies at Assumption University in Bangkok. It was a win win situation as he was always fond of tourism and learning about different cultures. Hailing from Bangladesh, Bappy slotted in seamlessly with his fellow students who were gathered from all over the globe.

Bappy received a Bachelor degree in International Business Management and subsequently has also gained an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Besides his studies, Bappy has had various jobs since moving to Thailand, most of which have been in the sales area of business.

I was particularly interested in why my colleague had picked to settle down in Pattaya after five years of studying and living in Bangkok. His answer was fairly predictable and the notorious Bangkok traffic was high on the list.

Similar to the author, Bappy prefers living by the sea and when the opportunity came along to work and live in Pattaya he jumped at the chance. But like many expats who have moved to Pattaya he has a love / hate relationship with the entertainment capital of Thailand.

One the plus side are the beaches, restaurants, attractions and travel infrastructure. But on the negative side of things are, bad driving, discarded rubbish, and work colleagues?

Bappy is still only twenty eight and is tremendously proud of what he has achieved in life up to now. He thoroughly enjoys what he is currently doing and being a part of the growth for the company he works for. The Pattaya Trader has given him a platform to meet a wide range of different people from all walks of life, to learn about their businesses and to network in and around Pattaya, and consequently has grown Bappy’s experience.

His success has been as a consequence of his hard work and application which has given him the rewards of leading a sales team. One of the biggest driving factors is the responsibility he feels to the company and his team.

Bappy cites his MBA as being responsible for his organisation skills, although he is somewhat baffled exactly what he did learn during his university days, he is convinced they taught him the virtue of patience. Although speaking from a personal point of view I beg to differ!

Bappy was keen to impart that there are many people in Pattaya that are highly talented, but the risk of living in such as city is that there are many distractions and it is easy to go off the rails. The way to succeed is to be highly disciplined and self motivated, and to educate yourself to improve and develop your talents. His goals for the future stretch out over the next five years, by then he wants to be at a sales director level and he wants to put back all that he has experienced to help the ASEAN business community and to help his adopted homeland.

Before we concluded our interview I asked my colleague to impart a message to our readers who are thinking of taking up a business career in Thailand. His response was, Stay focused, Pattaya should have more young hustlers similar to Bangkok. Be committed and ethical, and most importantly have the willingness to do whatever it takes.